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Comment 5 years? it was crap! (Score 1) 452

I have had several keyboards for 20 years with no sign of deterioration. I don't know if you can still get em like that any more tho. One point is I never have liked the "silent" keyboards. I like a good clacky feedback one so I know when I have pressed a key or not.

Comment Re:It's been done (Score 1) 876

For the rigorous definitions software needs to work with it seems text is better. It might be just cuz I am used to text for software but outside of trivially simple programs, I'm sure I would rather work with text. I even think I can read and write text definitions FASTER than I could create diagrams. We used to try to use flowcharts to document and support development but they fell out of popularity for a reason I think. They were not as good.

Comment Numerical Analysis (Score 1) 1086

One math course particulaly comes back to me again and again when I am programming. It was called "Numerical Analysis" when I took it but might be called something different elsewhere/now. It involved analysing the errors inherent in computer arithmetic and calculations. Especially floating point inaccuracies and aproximations. Whenever people tell you to not use floating point it is usually because they don't understand this subject and don't know the techniques to work with it and avoid the problems.

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