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Comment Re:I'll wait... (Score 1) 425

Cartilage injuries occur on impact when the muscles are too weak to absorb the impact and the golgi tendon organ forces them to relax to protect themselves. Being stronger prevents cartilage injuries, this is the whole premise for strength and conditioning work in athletics for injury prevention.

Comment Re:Obvious (?) question (Score 1) 425

I would guess the researchers are interested in the multi-billion-dollar bodybuilding scam.


There are few snake oil industries larger than the bodybuilding supplement market. Also, weightlifting refers to the olympic sport, and what most people think of as weightlifting is more accurately called resistance training.

Comment Re:Makes a decent turbo fuel (Score 1) 894

Longer than you'd think. Most of the Japanese made 2 litre turbocharged engines and accompanying drivelines were very well built. Most of those engines were designed with motorsport in mind from the start. They've disappeared somewhat now, as they were expensive to produce.

Comment Re:Unfortunately (Score 1) 484

That was published in 1966.

NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990:
"Freedom of expression---Everyone has the right to freedom of
  expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart
  information and opinions of any kind in any form."

The BOR isn't anything like the US Constitution though, our courts cannot strike down laws as unconstitutional. The BOR is an interpretive guide for the courts, not an absolute rule.

-- A New Zealand law student.

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