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Comment Quite the downside for Gear users (Score 1) 70

I got a Gear S2 a few months ago as a promo when I upgraded my phone, and I've been pretty happy with it. However, the only streaming music service that actually seems to work with the tizen device is Milk Music. Pandora (which I've been using for years, and continue to pay for on an off) doesn't have an app for the Gear. I can't seem to find a working standalone streaming service that doesn't simply control an app on my phone or not work well from the outset.

Granted, there are other issues with the Gear S2, like the fact that it doesn't support WPA2-Enterprise, but all in all I've liked having it. But if I can't use it for advertised purposes without having my phone in range, then it's not as useful to me.

Comment Re:"3 whole buttons to talk to Nana? Bullshit!" (Score 2) 114

There isn't yet a decent cross-platform solution.

Not that I'm a Microsoft famboi or anything, but what's wrong with Skype? It seems to support more platforms than this Duo thing does. And it works well enough for me and everyone I use it with, on a multitude of platforms.

Have you tried to use skype with video on linux? there is no group video chat, and in the latest alpha they removed video altogether, even one to one. They also removed 90% of the settings options.

Comment Re:One would think... (Score 2) 118

Of the hundreds of emails I get each year, want to hazard a guess as to how many actually know what it means to "sign" an email? most think that means typing their name at the bottom. I had a user one ask me to help them set up a digital which they meant scanning a piece of paper with their signature on it to paste into Word documents. And that was for someone who would be considered an "Executive" level in academia.

Comment Predated by...Logitech? Sony? (Score 3, Interesting) 117

We got a Logitech Revue when they dropped the price on them a few years ago. Been pretty happy with it, although not with the major broadcast networks who think that there's a difference between watching browser- based streams on a computer vs on a set-top android box, but that's another post.

Sadly, Logitech last released an update for the Revue with Android 3.2, and nothing new since then; they dropped support for it, and the only updates it seems to get any more are for the Google Play Music app. Some of the other providers, like Crunchyroll, have an app that will work with the revue, but many don't. The Revue was a good idea, seems to be pretty well implemented, but perhaps ahead of its time.

Comment Re:australian article and slashdot summary are wro (Score 1) 111

Actually, when people inside and outside of Texas say "the University of Texas", they are referring to that school in Austin. The summary is definitely incorrect; University of Texas at Dallas is a different institution and while both are members of the UT System, Dallas is not a branch campus of Austin but a separate university in its own right. It would be like saying "University of California" and meaning the school in San Diego and not UC-Berkley. Or, an example for Texans, saying "Texas A&M" and meaning Prairie View A&M, which is also part of the TAMU System but not simply a branch of the main campus in College Station.

Comment Re:Business as usual, but it still seems absurd (Score 1) 233

Line-item veto. In Texas, it's granted to the governor only over budgetary bills, but it's one of the ways an executive could potentially put a stop to the amendment abuse. Granted, of course, that said executive isn't the one who pushed for, or is at least complicit in, adding these ridiculous amendments in the first place.

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