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Comment Re:kit costs $150 (Score 1) 58

let's assume that a month is 720 hours (24*30). Iet us also assume that you're paying around .10/kwh... you'll have to save 100 hours of electricity to make up for $10/mo... correct? Now let's assume that if you are willing to pay $150 for a device to save energy, then you are already energy conscious enough to turn unneeded items off. So what this is going to allow you to do is to turn off the things you forgot to turn off before you left the house. (because if you are at the house, and you see something wasting energy you'll just go turn it off, right?) As you are already the type of consumer who cares about consumption, and you already turn off unneeded items, where do you suspect you'll be able to come up with 100hrs/month of savings? try more like 24-38 months for that ROI.

Comment Re:Needs to be granular (Score 1) 58

Are you suggesting that this device will? Of course a smart meter will. Adolf's method is free and foolproof. You are in ultimate control of what devices are on in your house. A little effort and a little time, and you can figure out the pull of everything that is on your system. Even (as was pointed out already) the 220v devices. Sure, this toy will tell you how much your lamp, or fridge is pulling, but those don't change... one you figure out what they draw per hour... it's pretty much going to stay that way. So then I ask you... besides allow you to turn things on/off from remote... what does this device provide that Adolf's solution does not?

Comment Re:Hard to believe anyone... (Score 1) 220

Yes, in real life... size, speed, cost, consumption, and emissions matter a great deal. While a pedal car or bicycle might best this rig in all of those categories, those wouldn't meet the qualifications for this competition. If you were hoping to find them competing for your spending capital, i'm sorry... they were not. The effort was to spur creativity, research, and development... which it did quite successfully. I know i shouldn't have responded to this... but somehow trolls always get the best of me. Trolls always be troll'n, Russ. always be troll'n

Comment Re:Hard to believe anyone... (Score 1) 220

it doesn't make a difference how fast it can go... the challenge was to see how far it could go. It was a science project in which all the cars were 'sponsored', and the build teams worked with schools from all over the UK. The girl who ended up driving won the chance by placing best in a series of science based games/challenges. btw... she didn't drive it 1300+ miles, only a couple of laps around the closed track. This was an experiment... and a pretty cool one at that. they used GPS + topology maps to enable the driver to stop engine production and allow gravity to do it's work where it applied most. they used special membranes to separate the energy types stored in the diesel. all in all it was a very neat display, and far more news worthy than 'little girl makes car go far'.

Comment Re:i dont know whether youre a moron or not (Score 1) 354

conclude... assume... what difference does it make? /. has been a collective of overly opinionated morons for decades. As this is a well known fact, and yet you write a post a comment like that (not even as AC) proves that you fall into the same category as the rest of us. As for information that anyone can't have... we know ryan's age... and I think if you wait a moment, there is a pretty good chance we'll find out about a few more. time will tell, and you, my moronic little sister, will know the truth.

Comment Re:Don't Update (Score 0) 163

"which would have engendered good will"... I highly doubt this. Gamers wouldn't/don't/will not care. Everyone else is going to get pissy no matter the reason, right? Totally agree with you on the "removing the feature from existing units was wrong", but i just don't buy into the idea that they would have preserved good will by giving a reason for the change.

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