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Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 1721

"He is only continuing the war that was started by his predecessor." Wait...what? When the US responds militarily the Taliban's supporting, enabling, and protecting Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda AFTER the 9/11 attacks, this is defined as George Bush "starting a war"? Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait in 1990, loses to a US-led military liberation of Kuwait and invasion of Iraq, then spends the next 12 years not complying with UN disarmament resolutions, killing thousands of Iraqis who oppose him, sending money to suicide terrorists, sheltering international terrorists like Abu Nidal, and violating no-fly zones AFTER 9/11, thus prompting another US-led military liberation and invasion of Iraq, this is defined as George Bush "starting a war"? Both of those wars could have been avoided if the Taliban and Saddam Hussein would simply have complied with UN resolutions (to turn over bin Laden and to verifiably disarm, respectively). The war in Afghanistan was started by the Taliban and al Qaeda, and the war in Iraq was started by Saddam Hussein.

Submission + - How do you manage your SD card library?

txmadman writes: Like a lot of my colleagues and all of my three children, I have several SD and Micro-SD cards for various purposes...cameras, cell phones, my laptop, etc. These things are handy to have around, offer easy and significant storage, but are very easily lost. We have also have run into some instances where it wasn't clear whose SD card was whose, and have also started to see a need for a storage mechanism. I have seen SD card "wallets" and such, but have never seen anyone actually use one. So: How do Slashdotters manage and keep track of their SD cards?

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