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Comment Re: First Post (Score 1) 447

Just an example, I was on Walgreens and I wanted to buy something to clean up my nose like sea water. I found 3 options, a known brand of sea water for about $6, the walgreens product for $4 and the the homeopathic option 14. The homeopathic option was chili pepper in homeopathic solution and Salt and water as "non active ingredients". Curiously the non active ingredient in the homeopathic option are the only ingredients of the other two...

Comment Re:I am glad I don't have to do this... (Score 3, Informative) 143

Having near perfect weather every day is about the least horrible curse I can think of.

It depends on what you understand by nearly perfect weather. The nearly perfect weather to practice ski is not the same one that you need for swimming in the sea... For this I like having seasons on where I live and being able to practice different sports depending on the season.

Comment Re:Christians, physicians and hospitals (Score 1) 813

Ok then, imagine my belief system has something related to walking over hot coal and not being hurt, then my children should skip the class related in biology of the effects of the temperature in systems? Religion is not based in science, so I can have a religion that prohibits nearly anything or has a believe in nearly anything (Maradona's church, Jedi's religion, all as good as any religion and not talking about cults like scient-I cannot belive is not a declared a cult everywhere-ology ). In my opinion does not make sense mixing science and religion. But that is just an opinion of someone educated in the old Europe and seeing how the big gap between the scientific advances in USA and Europe is going to be reduced

Comment Re:I agree that programming is not for geeks (Score 2) 317

Everyone of us is able to say "Do this 10 times.", "Do this for all people in the room.", or "Until you have at least $1000, keep on saving.".

Well you think that every one is able to understand that, but I know at least a person with a PhD in Law that is unable to understand the concept of "FOR" or a "WHILE", and we were 2 computer engineers and PhD in computer science trying to explain it...

Comment Re:DMCA notice coming (Score 1) 275

Bullshit. Pure bullshit. I should be ABLE to leave my house unlocked, its MY fucking house, not yours, and you know that, and if you steal my shit it's all YOUR fault.

I like your point of leaving your house unlocked... but it look likes more as if you left your house fully open... there's no need to solder or unsolder anything to hack the nook... just modify some files from an SD card. But once I buy a nook it's MY fucking nook

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