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Comment Re:Reset Chromebook and Phone (Score 1) 514

A somewhat similar solution is to virtualize your laptop/phone. The kernel you boot with on either is nothing but a placeholder to run the virtualization software. Create an encrypted image on local storage that you can upload to a cloud provider and, on it, install all of your apps and operate the phone as usual. Securely wipe the encrypted image before leaving the country and download again after arriving in the host country. Our phones are now powerful enough to do this. Technology for Android has already been developed to do this:

Comment Re:Interesting; likely more limited than advertise (Score 1) 82

According to their video,, one of the uses is to detect the sweetness of certain fruits. The video shows them scanning an apple to determine the level of sugar. This would be useful if you are in the grocery store and want to pick the sweetest from among apples, peaches, etc. Do you think their tool is sufficient for this purpose? What about fruits with skins you do not eat like watermelon? Or, what about fruits like pomegranates? If their tool would not be sufficient, is there a handheld spectrometer that could be used?

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