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Comment Re:Emergency Access? (Score 1) 63

Yes, we do, except that in New Zealand the emergency phone number is not 911, but 111. Dialing 911 will work though, since a lot of people like tourists and NZ children who watched USA TV programs were calling 911, even after they had been reminded of the different number. As a result, the phone companies programmed their systems to accept 911 calls and divert them to 111.

Comment Re:Why not stick with the current docking system? (Score 1) 77

My understanding of the docking systems is that the old APAS system relied on a heavy vehicle like the approximately 100-ton space shuttle using its momentum to force the docking mechanism to function. The new spacecraft being planned are much smaller and lighter and it would put a big strain on them to apply so much force, plus their docking system would have to be made more robust and hence heavier.

Comment Seemed to work for me (Score 1) 257

I must say that since I started flossing regularly, I have not had any more big fillings done on my teeth. If you get cavities between your teeth the dentist can't drill a small hole into it from the side and is obliged to make a big filling from the tooth's top surface. I normally only floss every second day, or when I have eaten sugary foods. I think a lot of it could be genetic - people with widely-spaced teeth probably won't get much tooth decay between their teeth.

Comment It's more common than people think (Score 1) 142

Given my experiences, I assume that it's a lot more common than people think. I have never seen anybody who looks exactly like me, but years ago when I was at university, I thought I saw my sister walking past me wearing brightly-coloured clothing that she would never wear. I realised that it was not her, and other people thought my sister had gone to another school that she had never attended. I have discovered that the family of a girl that I went to school with seems to have an amazing amount of coincidences relating to birth and death dates that correlate either closely or symbolically with our family's. Her daughter, a first-born like me, has a birth date very similar to mine and her first and middle names are exactly the same length as mine. Even more strangely, her husband has a birth date very similar to my father's and her parents died on similar dates to my grandparents in New Zealand. In a world of over 7 billion people I guess that there are lots of Doppelgangers, it's just that they are very spread out and it's rare to encounter them.

Comment Re:Abusive government (Score 1) 496

I wonder whether it could be due to the decline in serious diseases such as measles. Both my sister and I had the measles before we were five years-old. She blames the partial deafness in one of her ears as being due to the measles. Measles can cause brain damage, maybe a lot of us in the past were unknowingly losing some of our IQ due to it and other similar diseases.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 197

I've had a Philips LED light bulb in my bedroom for nearly 3 years now, I use it for many hours at night and it's on at the moment as I write. We have had an all-LED house now for nearly a year after we moved back in after earthquake damage repairs. The only LED light bulb that has been replaced is the very first one that I bought about 4 years ago as an experiment, and that was only because we broke off both the side pins used in the bayonet fitting from swapping it around. We only used well-known brands like Philips, GE, and Panasonic.

Comment Re:Australia has had this for ages (Score 1) 556

In New Zealand we do nothing of the sort. My sister recently bought a new pre-paid cellphone because the battery in her old feature phone was needing to be recharged nearly every day. She was a bit pissed-off with the Vodafone shop because they asked for her name and the cellphone's phone number "for the warranty" in front of customers who were queued up behind her. It came with its own SIM card, but she did not have to show any ID at all. If it was not for the fact that it was a Vodafone shop, no-one would have bothered to ask for her details - nobody asked me for ID or details when I recently bought a new cellphone with a SIM card at Warehouse Stationery. I didn't realise how lucky we are to be able to buy prepaid cellphones with no rigmarole apart from keeping the receipt.

Comment A counter visible to posters to see times read (Score 1) 1839

One thing that I would like to see is a counter showing how many people have clicked on a particular post of mine. I often take the time to compose a good reply to a post, I post it, and nothing seems to happen. Sometimes, I go back to a particular post after a few days and find a few replies and/or mods. Would be nice to get some feedback on whether people actually bothered to click on my posts to read them, even if they did not reply or modded them.

Comment Re:Show the text of the article. (Score 1) 41

Something like this has already been done in New Zealand. I don't see what the big problem is. As previously suggested, just have a low-resolution scan of the original text displayed next to a plain-text version.

Here's an example of the original text when I searched for a street address near to me:


And here's the plain-text version, complete with OCR errors:


As a bonus, they both have the searched-for text highlighted as well.

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