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Comment Re:Rubber Hose. (Score 1) 229

That's fine for anyone willing to die for their cause. Admittedly hostage taking and murder raises the stakes slightly, compared to a few broken bones and lashes from a rubber hose that could be explained away. But if the footage is that important and it falls into the wrong hands someone is going to get hurt.

Comment Re:No, thanks. (Score 1) 414

They don't go there for an emotional conversation with the serving staff, but they do go there to be served (by a human)."Automated" restaurants will have have front of house staff still, but they will be able to cut the cooks and chefs by 50% or more.

It will be like a lot of factories in developed countries are already. A skeleton staff making sure the machines are running and hitting reboot when something goes wrong. The box of cereal you buy creates more jobs at the retail end than production, and the customer has no idea there are now only 10 jobs back in the factory.

Comment Re:"Uber had argued that it was a tech firm" (Score 1) 230

Actually the first version of the Uber platform was an outsourced job in PHP, according to one of their lead developers in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?... The founders saw a business opportunity and kudos there, but they are a "tech" company in the vain of Facebook -- more a fancy website rather than any real contribution to computer science.

As for the rest of the video, I'm not sure what the hell they are doing with that crazy infrastructure and the number of developers they have hired. Some people are getting played for fools in all this, probably the investors with money to burn in this case. It has the feel of the US banks selling all those junk securities to the Europeans and anyone else stupid enough to take the bate pre 2008.

Comment Re:Ita about time! (Score 1) 230

Seems like this is ability should scare governments into action. Say Uber gets their wish and is the only taxi company in the world. Uber drivers in your country/district decide to try their luck and go on strike. Now Uber decides to check the box in the their web console to turn off all jobs in that area to show drivers who is boss, suddenly your country has almost no taxies.

Sounds like a banking "too big to fail" situation to me.

Currently most of the UK apart from London hipsters would be very happy to see the back of Uber, they can pull the plug now for all we care.

Comment Re:Socialmedia is a third-person camera thing (Score 1) 92

If you watch the advert linked in TFA it's entirely parents filming their kids. The only people i know using snapchat are teens and adults that still behave like teens and have no interest in kids or a family. I guess asking teens to drop $100+ on toy glasses is a bit much, so they needed another angle.

Comment Re:This is ludicrous (Score 1) 136

Every year they add to the offence is a movie i will not got to the cinema and pay for. I barely make it past 10 visits a year currently, so they are getting very little of my money. Despite all the censorship in the UK of torrent sites it is still ridiculously easy to find any movie i want (there are even sites that have a handy list all in one place, including all the ones i didn't know about). And everyone i know of a similar age is aware of how to "pirate" and does so. Are they really going to lock up everyone in the UK under 40?

Comment Re:Apple (Score 1) 302

I would be very happy with that. No one NEEDS Apple devices or software to do anything productive. Maybe if MS threatened to pull Windows/Server/Office out of the market some people might be worried. All that would happen if Apple left are the hipsters and C level management would be crying in their coffee about having to use a Windows laptop or Android.

Comment Re:Ex post facto (Score 1) 302

I think the fact that Ireland was already bailed out by the EU when their property market crashed -- and now they happily bend over for the likes of Apple and let them dodge taxes in other EU member states -- has not helped their chances at getting away with breaking EU treaties.

Well on the bright side, at least it looks like they are as bad at understanding EU tax law as they are the property markets.

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