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Comment Re:So why so much anger in the Linux community? (Score 1) 174

Honestly I'm embarrassed to even have the same interests as these people now. It's at the point where we get a post about a new distro release, not even any baiting in TFS about systemd, and the comments are still hijacked with the same old hateful bullying.

There is now a Debian fork (among other alternatives) where I'm sure you will all be welcome. So kindly fuck off.

Comment Re:This shit is wrong (Score 1) 218

As someone mentioned above, the French company BlahBlahCar is the only service that couple possible fit the "sharing economy" moniker. The driver is not allowed to make a profit and simply share the cost of the journey with the riders (that's the sharing part). BlahBlahCar add a small percentage to the transaction for running the service. Uber, Lyft etc. are just old fashioned taxi companies with an app and bundles of cash.

Comment Re:Bean Hill (Score 1) 218

I think allowing corporations to pick and choose which of a countries laws they feel like obeying is the "much bigger problem". This is just testing the waters to see how much will there is in governments to stand up to an aggressive coordinated assault on existing law that -- if changed or abandoned -- opens the door massive growth and profit for lucky the elites that have money to burn on such an enterprise.

Why else do you think Goldman, The Saudi's and countless other VCs and Banks/Hedge Funds happily pump unlimited cash into a taxi app? The goal is to trample the law and then make their own. To make things more fun, most of our "leaders" are already full steam ahead on allowing this to happen with global agreements such as TPP.

Comment Re:Et Tu /. (Score 1) 86

If i need to send a friend a link to some freeware program then i will use tucows now, word about the "safe pop-up free" site usually gets around pretty fast for those looking for the service they offer. Certainly better than sending someone to sourceforge for something and ending up with them mining bitcoin in the background. If they are making money from their other endeavours it seems like a good move to me.

Comment Re:I really liked Windows 7 (Score 1) 407

I am involved with supporting two 500+ employee businesses that recently switched to Gmail and Google Apps after having been MS Office shops. Now only accounts and the analytics guys use office for Excel.

Of course it is my view that this is out-of-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire, but it wouldn't be so sure that Microsoft's smaller corporate customers dont have exit options.

Comment Re:Restaurants (Score 1) 940

Exactly, from skimming TFA and reading some comments it seems no one (apart from this thread) has any idea what form this restaurant automation will take.

I have been to a number of "premium" fast food restaurants in the UK where wait staff are done away with and you are given a buzzer when you order and pay. You then find a seat and when the buzzer goes off you walk back to the counter and collect your food.

Guess what, this has been happening for at least 5 years (probably more), and only these fast food type places use it because it feels cheap when you have to serve yourself.

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