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Comment Another kid . . . (Score 0) 417

The "toy" my toddler loves the most is another toddler. Socialize the heck out of them as early and often as possible so they don't end up like me (and probably like you.)

That said, my kid has all the physical toys she wants and she plays with them all of the time. But she also loves her iPod touch. Not kidding. The little touch screen is perfect for her. She only plays with it about 10 minutes a day or so, but it fascinates her to no end for those minutes. I'm amazed at how well she can navigate the menus and whatnot (13 mos old.) She'll play with one app for a few minutes then go to the home screen and start another one up. Peekaboo Barn is her favorite.

And this is coming from a die hard apple hater. I tried to find some good toddler apps for my android phone but there just weren't many good ones out there.

But like everyone else is saying, the tech should be reserved for the times when she's sick of playing with you and with other kids and her physical toys. Don't promote the gadget addiction just because you think it's cute.

Comment Wi-fi is still a luxury item (Score 0) 157

If you're staying in a hotel once or twice a year, and you absolutely have to stay connected to your twitter and porn then $10-15 is what you pay. You can do without it, seriously.

If you're constantly staying in hotels and need internet access then you should have a card or a phone tethering option (you're paying for wireless internet access already, right?)

Eventually the prices will drop, assuming some other technology doesn't come along and make hotel wi-fi as obsolete as hotel land lines.

I stayed at the Bellagio in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and my employer paid $15 per 24 hrs so I could stay connected. I have no complaints and neither does my employer. I was able to download a 2.5 GB work-related file in about 35 minutes on their wire. In addition, my twitter and porn experienced no unnecessary delays en route to my drunk eyeballs.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 0) 404

You are probably very young and naive. Or Libertarian. Or both.

38, not too naive. Quite cynical, jaded and grumpy for my age in fact. Libertarian maybe, but with a lowercase "l." And to me the car analogy you made is tenuous. I would agree there is a fuzzy gray line between an item "lost" and an item "parked" but a difference exists.

Comment Re:Well, I tried to post from Firefox on Droid (Score 0) 164

I tried as well from my stock 2.1 Droid and found it almost unusable. It looked nice, but didn't work. When I clicked the address bar to type the url, it did not bring up the onscreen keyboard. (Using the default android soft keyboard.) Hard keyboard to the rescue, made it to slashdot.org, clicked the Reply link. When I typed a character in the subject line the page scrolled away from what I was typing. Scrolled back, typed another character and it did the same thing.

That was enough pre-alpha testing for me. Went to the home screen and the phone had become sluggish. Opened Astro to view the process memory usage and Fennec was not listed. It had either crashed or Android killed it for me (probably because it was hogging memory.) Went back to the home screen and everything was back to normal. Uninstalled. If they get to beta I'll definitely give it another try. The interface looked promising.

Comment Sad (Score 0) 404

Reading this story (and all the others) makes me realize that Apple is the type of company that I will never bother doing business with again. Reading all the replies and noting the moderations makes me feel ashamed for registering at slashdot. Forget about California law for a second. What if you personally lost some precious possession? Would you think for a moment that somehow the finder is legally obligated to correct your mistake? YOU are the one that made the mistake. Legislating the "right thing to do" is not the answer. Personal responsibility should trump in this case. If I lost anything due to my own negligence then I would consider it lost. If by benevolence of another it was returned then that other is doing me a favor. We should not require by law that everyone do favors for others.

Comment Re:Oh No, you're using the service you paid for! (Score 0) 738

FIOS in my area is ("up to") 35/35 and is nowhere near $140 / mo. The bundle I have (HDTV with movie channels, 35/35 internet and a basic dial-tone land line) runs about $150 a month. I'm not sure what chunk of that is specifically for internet, but I believe it's $50-60. My download speed is testable at 35 Mbps all the time and upload speed usually ranges between 20-25 Mbps.

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