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Journal twitter's Journal: Lemmy Caution's M$ Advocacy. 8

Please see the Troll Zoo to understand why I do this kind of thing. It's not like pointing out trolls needs an explanation but I wrote one anyway. Enjoy, the spotlight on Lemmy Caution that follows.

This is a sample of posts from user Lemmy Caution (8378) advocating M$. The usual Steve Barkto pattern is seen but this one is very subtle. He presents himself as someone old enough to be Barkto himself, balanced and wise. As the General Hate section shows, this person is happy enough to pander to mean spirited humor but usually presents political arguments that will be received well by Slashdot's audience. Overall, negative, offtopic and inflammatory things are said about GNU/Linux and free software while M$ software and practices are praised.

M$ Love

Free Software Hate.

Slashdot Hate

General Hate

This account is often seen in conversations with known troll GeckoX and might confuse sock puppets with art form.

Another thread is more damning. Rather suspiciously, he misspells and misrepresents the work of his alleged linguistics professor, Dr. Sam A. Mchombo. The phrase "morphological and syntactic structure" comes off the good professor's page but nowhere is the study of English mentioned and the man's specialty happens to be Bantu languages. The date of his arrival in the US is 1984, a little too late to be a professor to someone who claims to have been playing MUDs since the 70s. The conversation is a giant, off topic rant with patently offensive racial overtones about Africa that has nothing to do with an interview with an Interview with Dr. Villanueva or free software. The mistakes are unlikely from a real student, especially one who claims to now work in academia. The thread was probably fabricated by sockpuppets of the same person behind the Lemmy Caution account. Conclusion: Massive Troll and Sockpuppet Master.

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Lemmy Caution's M$ Advocacy.

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