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Comment You should have known this was coming.... (Score 1) 700

If you are on Slashdot, then you are well aware that Sony does these kind of things. If you still bought the PS3, then you expressed your approval to Sony with your $$$. Here is a novel idea...Stop purchasing/consuming products from companies that act this way (Sony, Apple, etc.). Just say no.

I know the problem with this idea, is that these companies have been very successful in convincing the cattle (people) that they must have it, because it is cool and everyone else will have one. When will the cattle wake up and think for themselves?

Comment Sounds like bull.... (Score 1) 844

This article and many of the comments, sound like rant from programmers who have not figured out how to become a professional developer in their careers. You can't just focus on programming, you have to become a business professional as well. That means you need to balance your skills as a developer, architect, business analyst, and project manager. I have been at this for 15 years now. I have seen many programmers who just couldn't do all of the above. In fact, one's who can do all of the above, seem to be rare. Companies are really looking for people who can do all of the above and will pay for them.

If all you want to do is pad your salary, then you need to target businesses/industries that have a high corresponding ratio of what they earn from their software developments. You can't expect to work for a company building iPhone apps or web sites, and expect to get paid big. If you are developing software that has a high rate of contribution to the bottom line and are good at it, in most cases you will get rewarded. But again, you need to practice all disciplines of a business professional.

As for the salary ranges, the context must be applied. I started in this career at around $60k, 15 years ago, in the Chicago area. Today (still in the Chicago area), I earn more than twice that in salary, before generally a double digit percentage bonus. I don't even have my degree.

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