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Submission + - Canonical Asked Linux Mint Maintainer to License Binary Packages

tweak13 writes: According to statements made by Clement Lefebvre, the maintainer of Linux Mint, Canonical's legal department informed him that Mint needed to license Ubuntu's binary packages. These packages are critical for a wide range of Ubuntu-based distributions, and the loss of the availability of these packages would doom many of those projects. According to Lefebvre, the request for licensing was probably not about money, but about controlling Ubuntu's position in the commercial marketplace.

From Distrowatch:

Clem responded, "Money isn't a primary concern. Although the original fee was in the hundreds of thousands pounds, it was easily reduced to a single digit figure. The licensing aims at restricting what Mint can and cannot do, mostly in relation to the OEM market, to prevent Mint from competing with Canonical in front of the same commercial partners."

The Courts

Submission + - Iowa Court Strkes Down Gay Marriage Ban

tweak13 writes: Earlier today the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that a law defining marriage as between one man and one woman is unconstitutional. The decision is the last in a series of decisions against the ban, starting with a judge in Polk county who allowed several same sex couples to marry before the order was suspended for review by higher courts. Marriages will begin as soon as three weeks from today, and only a constitutional amendment could reverse the court's decision. The earliest such an amendment could be put before Iowa voters is 2012. Local coverage is available in audio from Iowa Public Radio,and print from the Des Moines Register. National coverage also available from the New York Times and USA Today.

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