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Comment Masks vs. Lenses (Score 1) 62

[quote]Facebook Live has "masks" now (think Snapchat's Lenses)[/quote]
Yes, thanks, that clears everything up for me. I totally know what "Snapchat's Lenses" are.

The social media buzzword generator for whatever awesome new feature thing-a-ma-bob of the day is driving me nuts. Can I use my Giphy-powered Slack API to Mask a Snapchat Lense on all this stupid horseshit?

Comment Re:Even worse (Score 2) 88

Why is this post marked informative? It's wrong; and it's wrong in a critical way as far as I can tell. The video shows the password extract being done immediately on reboot, NOT after the user types in his password. The password was entered later just to demonstrate that the correct password was extracted.

So pretty much, yeah, the OP was actually correct his in concern. Walk away from the laptop, someone swoops in, reboots, grabs your password and the deed is done.

Comment Re:Precident has now been set. (Score 1) 386

First, it's precedent. Second, you clearly have read absolutely nothing about this situation. I spent a total of about 10 seconds skimming the article and still picked up enough to know that this was not the case you want to make your "men have no rights" stand on. You're hurting the very cause you're (apparently) trying to help by doing so.

This father-of-the-year had no contact with his terminally ill daughter for SEVEN years prior. His daughter didn't even want him to see her body when she was gone.... So, yeah, I'm kinda thinking he gets no say whatsoever in this.

Comment Re:Pick any two (Score 1) 59

Only in this case it's "complex, configurable, secure - pick any two".

Hmmm. Ok. I'll take secure and configurable. Thanks.

Not sure your attempt to rework an "old engineering saying" was entirely successful.

I suspect your later use of the word "versatile" would have been a better choice here. "versatile, configurable, secure - pick any two". Yeah, that seems to work.

Comment Re: Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 1) 867

No, my assumptions were almost as narrow as the parent's worldview.

Saying something doesn't make it so. And you can't just say what you wish were true. You have to review the facts and see if what you're saying is actually true or not... For example:

and the typical American who makes broad assumptions about the rest of the world without actually ENGAGING with it

You're making a pretty broad statement there. Assuming anything to be true about the "typical American" is, almost by definition, a broad assumption.

So, no, your assumptions were not narrow by any stretch of the imagination no matter how much you'd like to believe they were.

Oh, I do so enjoy engaging with the rest of the world.

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