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Feed Techdirt: UK Continues To Move Towards Software Patents ( 1

Back in January, we noted that the UK's high court appeared to have told the country's patent office to stop saying software couldn't be patented. Apparently, that wasn't enough as the same court has now again told the patent office that it can't ignore software patents, this time due to a case involving mobile phone operating system maker Symbian. It's rather unfortunate that this appears to be happening just as the US courts are finally questioning the wisdom of software patents.

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Journal Journal: Monsanto Whistleblower Details GM Hazards and Wrongs. 1

Those of you who think GM is being done in a careful and precise way need to read this. The author weaves a shocking story of incompetence, corruption, deceit, and ignored warnings of public health dangers. The whistle blower attempted to work with Monsanto to correct problems through practices he learned from other jobs. He was ignored and ostracized.

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