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Submission + - NFL Blocks Church Superbowl Parties, Allows Bars.

darkonc writes: "It appears that the NFS doesn't want their fans praying for their teams, but they've got nothing against driving home drunk afterwards.
CNN/Sports Illustrated has the story of the NFL pouring cold water on churchs' plans for 'dry' Superbowl parties . When NFL officials saw the announcement for one such party, they told the church involved where to go with the idea. When the church turned the other cheek and resolved the initial issues (charging for the party and using the 'Superbowl' trademark), the NFL responded with more complaints ("Your TV is too big"). The Church then gave up. The NFL explained that, while it plans to treat all churches in this manner, they didn't plan to take action against bars engaging in similar activities."

Submission + - Just saw my first green Address Bar...

Panaqqa writes: "One of the browsers I need occasionally is Internet Explorer 7, complete with its new security features. Today, for the first time, I saw a green address bar reflecting "Class 2 Certification" — GoDaddy had it. Am I alone in my ominous feeling that somewhere down the road, this green address bar will become an expectation for the general public using an ecommerce site, giving an advantage to only incorporated businesses who can afford the large cost?"
Star Wars Prequels

Journal Journal: Making sense of Star Wars 3

A number of people have tried to patch up George Lucas' leaky storyline into something coherent.

Here's an alternate backstory that - in addition to being hilarious - seems to work.


Submission + - Microsoft and Google to fight it out in planes

An anonymous reader writes: The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that the latest battleground between Microsoft and Google is in the skies
Google, Microsoft take to the skies over Sydney

The tech giants have separately announced they have hired planes to fly over certain parts of Sydney on Australia Day, photographing what lies beneath.

The Microsoft-sponsored campaign, orchestrated by the National Australia Day Council (NADC), is dubbed "Look Up and Smile". It hopes to gather hundreds of Sydneysiders at Centennial Park to create a huge map of Australia.

Google's plane flyover on the other hand is aimed at drawing more attention to its Google Maps service, by updating it with new, higher resolution images of parts of Sydney.
Google Flyover

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