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Comment Re:I was most frustrated by ... (Score 1) 149

SOX and OFAC are just government mandated job programs, forcing companies to add staff.

I've been in insurance since the 1990s, went to school to be an actuary (I chose to pass Go, collect $200, and went into IT immediately after graduation; passed 5 of the exams in college though - different system of exams now).

Comment Re:Or rather... (Score 1) 384

Fantastic comment. Regarding the end part about loan applications, you said:

Because if you're stripped out racial data as a category to train on, the algorithm wouldn't suddenly decide to discriminate based on it.

If the data included any location information it could very well exhibit racial bias as an unintended consequence. I live in a very racially divided area (there is literally a road that pretty much delineates the metro area by race - a continuing consequence of the past and wealth disparity).

Comment Re:I remember when you posted that about Google (Score 1) 251

Another apt analogy, in my mind, is Amazon. Not much profit, massive valuation, but they are taking over retail (took might be better but Walmart is still in business).

Tesla's ramp up is occurring, a bit behind Amazon's curve with regards to where we exist in time.

Unfortunately, I have to park on the street where I live as the mini-van (a misnomer) takes up the garage...

Comment Re:Reconfigure the Theaters (Score 1) 360

First, I can associate with your user name, but not from a janitorial perspective....

Kids and 3D = Awesome.Time

My wife an I saw Inception in seats the moved (swiveled in general and jolted during things like gun shots) with the action. It wasn't cheap, but it was pretty cool. Wasn't 3D, I'd pay a reasonable amount to combine the two (I'm sure it's available but the right movie and personal TIME - think juggling - has not presented itself).

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