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Comment Re:NovaMin (Score 1) 130

I used a NovaMin toothpaste exclusively for a couple of years in the US before the patents were bought out (not sure by whom) and all products containing it were discontinued.

It was obviously an aggressive purchase with the sole purpose of pulling NovaMin products from the market. The stuff worked (based on bone regeneration research for the military I believe).

I'm trying Livionex now, in fact it arrived on my doorstep last evening. Doesn't rebuild anything, but it sure results in clean, smooth teeth. It is rather pricey.

Comment Re:I would not call this a tomb (Score 1) 173

They had worldwide experts for design, and the parts of the structure were built and pre-assembled in Italy.

The only part in the Ukraine (I'm sure with many international experts onhand) was the final assembly and moving it into place.

Rather incredible effort to me, the international partners, international construction, and the largest thing ever moved. Oh, and there was a war in the Ukraine during all of this.

Yes, I read the article...

Comment Re:A headache for the RIAA...lovely Xmas present (Score 4, Informative) 163

Being a non-believer, I edit out at least one instance of Blashpemy (G*d), most movies on VidAngel have such references. One or more filters is required for viewing (not the case a few months ago).

I would not recommend removing video content, I've had problems with audio/video synch when I tried that.

I donated about $10 to their legal effort (they made it easy, integrated into the purchasing process).

Comment Re:One reason to support Brexit (Score 1) 359

I would argue that your conjecture could be simplified to: Pick one, Security or Liberty.

Security is gasoline, it doesn't mix well with Liberty's waters. Another analogy, Security and Liberty are on either ends of a slider/spectrum (think volume control).

Regarding Diversity, one can spy on a neighbor of the same or other

Spot on commentary. It's terrifying how terrorists can force our leaders to enact such changes (fear). As well, out of more fear, many of the populace support such change.

Comment Re:Dear Californians (Score 1) 1368

The San Joaquin river. Could be a dry season issue, but the dry area at the time (link below) was over 40 miles. A guy tried to kayak down the river for CNN.

Using the CNN link below, page down to mile 187, that's where the river ends. It does start up at a later point. As well, the ground itself has sunk up to 30 feet from aquifer depletion (per Nat Geo link farther down).



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