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Comment Re:One reason to support Brexit (Score 1) 359

I would argue that your conjecture could be simplified to: Pick one, Security or Liberty.

Security is gasoline, it doesn't mix well with Liberty's waters. Another analogy, Security and Liberty are on either ends of a slider/spectrum (think volume control).

Regarding Diversity, one can spy on a neighbor of the same or other

Spot on commentary. It's terrifying how terrorists can force our leaders to enact such changes (fear). As well, out of more fear, many of the populace support such change.

Comment Re:Dear Californians (Score 1) 1368

The San Joaquin river. Could be a dry season issue, but the dry area at the time (link below) was over 40 miles. A guy tried to kayak down the river for CNN.

Using the CNN link below, page down to mile 187, that's where the river ends. It does start up at a later point. As well, the ground itself has sunk up to 30 feet from aquifer depletion (per Nat Geo link farther down).


Comment Re:Enough Tesla / Musk already (Score 1) 280

Who else is pushing forward in so many different technological domains (electric cars, battery tech, solar tech, not to mention, but I am, space exploration tech)?

Don't say Bezos or Branson. Wannabes in comparison regarding cutting edge tech. Bezos wants to be a Walton - of Wally World fame and riches - and is proving successful thus far).

Skip a conversation/post if it doesn't interest you, I only read maybe 20% myself.

I'm not a fanboi of Musk, I'm an interested person. I keep up with what he's doing. Having so many posts on Slashdot is a tribute to the tremendous effort and progress he is making.

Comment Good article in Nat Geo re SpaceX/NASA (Score 3, Informative) 98

The current issue of National Geographic has a good article which already explains that SpaceX and NASA are basically partners (SpaceX shares everything with NASA for instance).

It's paywalled, but here's the article (I read the tree based version):

Anyway, nothing to see here, move along.

Comment Re:NFL cares about money nothing else (Score 1) 236

Also, there's only about 11 minutes of action per game:

I enjoy watching games, but only with it pre-recorded. It takes about 30 minutes per game (I watch penalty determination, reviews, and injuries alongside the brief actual game play).

Or, and I really like this, I let the game play at real time and pick up a bit between plays and clean during commercials. I can get 2 hours of stuff done during one game, and some exercise (running in from the kitchen to catch the start of the next play). Add some beer and maybe fire up the grill (pausing the game to build up fast-forward time - charcoal man here...) and it can be a rather pleasant way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Comment Re:They will get better at not falling off cliffs? (Score 1) 114

That's also what I found interesting (and awesomely funny).

From an email I sent regarding just this:
You know, this is a national intelligence issue. Our enemies now have knowledge that building more cliffs would be an effective defense to our combat robot trucks. At least for now, until they get better at not falling off cliffs.

Comment Missing Sales Opportunity (Score 1) 305

I've never been in a Tesla. But there's a nice looking one that's always in my parking garage.

Would I pay a bit to have it take me somewhere?

Yes! Especially with aggressive acceleration. To see what it is like.

Can I afford one, maybe one day.

Would someone that could afford one drive people around?

I don't think so.

Comment Re:Taikonauts (Score 1) 265

Typhoon = Hurricane, only difference is the Ocean. And those are the US English versions. In Missouri, we refer to 1,500 feet tall hills as mountains...

It's cultural bias to some degree, it's differentiation as well. It could also be respectful or derogatory (racism for example), depending on implicit meanings.

And from a US perspective, people in Russia that go into space are Cosmonauts, so there's a third English example for people that go to space.

Comment Stranger Things - Nuff Said (Score 1) 181

Season two is in production.

And their kids offerings are great (I watch Phineas and Ferb with and without the kids, it's very well written).

Anyway, we binge watched the first season of Stranger Things and it was awesome (Goonies melded with ET melded with The Bodyguard melded with the Force from Star Wars - freaking incredible). And there's another dimension.

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