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Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 41

That would actually work for the drone, but for me, it's a very dangerous ladder climb from a partial 2nd floor roof to the third floor roof.

Improving this access would certainly be worth it though.

Great idea, GPS is accurate enough I believe (landing spot could be 20 wide by 40 in length, in feet).

Comment Re:Great! (Score 2, Interesting) 41

My problem is not the driver's stealing stuff, but other people in my urban neighborhood.

If a drone could drop a package my in my fenced back yard that would be fan-freaking-tastic. Of course it would have to navigate over my 3 story row house with two massive trees in the yard, that's not happening anytime soon...

Comment Re:Why do people use Oracle? (Score 1) 198

1. If you have thousands of stored procs and/or other customizations (I've done a couple of custom aggregate functions that were pretty sweet).
2. You use Oracle Forms (probably starting back in the 1990s).

It's the same situation as with other legacy applications such as iSeries systems, except those situations can be far more painful given dwindling personnel numbers (Who, as a young developer, chooses to go into IBM mid-range development? - This might change over time if salaries increase, but they are still rather stagnant).

I'm not sure of the situation with Z Series, I'm assuming companies pay a lot for talent as those aren't going away.

Comment Re:How Many??? (Score 1) 163

The city of St. Louis has about 300,000 people, the county and even part of Illinois is included in your 3 million number. They all have their own libraries. I live in St. Louis, there are 2 libraries within 2.5 miles of my house (one is less than 1.2 mile, the other is the central public library which has awesome architecture and lots of art).

Comment Re:More Incentives for Bandwidth Caps, Net Neutral (Score 1) 148

I'm in the US, we have Charter for internet and AT&T for cable (good UI). Both offer cable.

We aren't there yet, but I could see, through terribly lengthy litigation, a class action that forces local monopolies to divest internet and cable offerings. You can offer one, an independent company has to offer the other.

That said, I do have two internet choices, and Charter isn't bad at all ($40 per month unbundled, uncapped, 100/10 service, we stream 3-4 hours a day, no problems). The cable is expensive but it keeps the Mrs. happy (Can't Buy Me Love is a bullshit song).

AT&T wasn't bad internet either, just much slower DSL service.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 798

It can be far more strange as well.

There's a village in the Domican Republic where some girls "grow" penises when they hit puberty and basically switch genders. I believe this is about as strange as it can get (even having both sets of genitalia is rather passe in my opinion).

I read about this in the latest Nat Geo just last week.

Comment Re:NovaMin (Score 1) 130

I used a NovaMin toothpaste exclusively for a couple of years in the US before the patents were bought out (not sure by whom) and all products containing it were discontinued.

It was obviously an aggressive purchase with the sole purpose of pulling NovaMin products from the market. The stuff worked (based on bone regeneration research for the military I believe).

I'm trying Livionex now, in fact it arrived on my doorstep last evening. Doesn't rebuild anything, but it sure results in clean, smooth teeth. It is rather pricey.

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