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Comment Inflammatory headline (Score 5, Insightful) 333

What actually happened:
New content will include will include same-sex options. It just happens that the new content only includes one planet. Future new content will also include same-sex options.

I don't understand why the submitter is taking such an offensive stance with their post. There is no conspiracy against gays, especially when it comes to Bioware who are one of the pioneers of same-sex relationships in their games (dating back to Baldur's Gate).

What would you prefer, that this content wasn't added at all? No let me guess, you'd prefer they revamp the whole game. Nevermind that their team has been cut down to a fraction of their original size due to the commercial unsuccessfulness of the game. Instead lets invent a big issue out of their good-faith attempt to add same-sex content even with their dwindling resources that would arguably better be spent on content like warzones, flashpoints, and operations.


Submission + - Irish ISP Begins to Censor Internet

turiel writes: According to an article in the Sunday Business Post (no URL, the story hasn't hit the Net yet on any sites), Ireland's largest ISP, Eircom, will begin censoring the Internet by blocking over 300 sites that the music industry considers to be sources of file sharing. Mentioned in the article as top of their list is The Pirate Bay. IRMA (Irish Recorded Music Association) says that legal action will be taken if the other Irish ISPs do not follow suit. Eircom was in the news only a few weeks ago with reports that it had reached a deal with IRMA and will implement a "3 strikes" policy, however this site blocking is in addition to the already reported deal.
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Submission + - Is Daylight Savings Shift Really Worth It?

Krishna Dagli writes: Two Ph.D. students at the University of California at Berkeley says that Daylight Savings Shift will not do any good or energy saving. We are already spending money for software upgrades in the name of saving energy and after reading following article I wonder has congress really studied the impact of DST shift?


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