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Journal turgid's Journal: Job Hunting Improves 7

All of a sudden, I've been getting inundated with phone calls from recruiters asking me to apply for jobs. None have been completely crazy apart from the one that was in the West Country.

The rescheduled telephone interview went well, and I've been invited for a face-to-face interview. It sounds like interesting work, but the company is in flux. The man who I spoke to sounded genuine and was very friendly and positive.

There is the possibility of an interview somewhere else, and I've got another telephone interview later in the week.

After two or three weeks of nothing, it's getting really busy :-)

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Job Hunting Improves

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  • I feel your pain, I was out for six weeks a while back and it was painful. I'm sure you'll find something!
    • by turgid ( 580780 )

      I'm glad you found something! Being out of work is one of the worst feelings.

      I'm lucky in that I'm still in gainful employment, at least until December, I reckon. The thing is, I hate the thought of being assessed by a company I didn't choose to work for who will then decide whether I'm worth keeping.

      It's a terrible feeling, and I'd like to be the one making the decisions, not them.

  • I've been looking for change myself, but apart from two interviews, not much luck. My mistake for specializing in Linux, in an MS-owned country.

    • by turgid ( 580780 )

      My mistake for specializing in Linux, in an MS-owned country.

      When I started on the Linux path back in the mid-90's people laughed at me since Windows NT was "the future." The world is full of conformists.

      Linux is everywhere now. I'm on my second Linux job (embedded systems) and looking for another. It's in routers, set top boxes, mobile phones, photocopiers, storage appliances... You name it.

      Windows is in decline and no one seriously considers it for anything other than as a legacy desktop system for runn

      • I've been going the non-MS way ever since I started my career back in 1998. Originally I was a Java developer and hoped that the Java hardware would become true as they promised. It never really did, and while I did develop it was mainly on Windows, even though it often got deployed on Linux. It also showed me how badly other programmers code, because they assume Windows and you simply can't with Java.

        Then I switched to system engineering because that was the "easiest" way to get an all-Linux job. I've

        • by turgid ( 580780 )

          I don't dislike my work, I have great coworkers, but management has changed and the first signs of decline are seeping in. Their Ferraris are more important than their employees.

          Why does this always happen to companies?

          Keep trying, I'm sure you'll find something soon. Good luck.

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