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Submission + - "Jericho" To Be Saved By CBS?

turboflux writes: After what has been described by as CBS as the largest fan campaign they've seen using digital means, the network may bring the doomed show back after all. The LA Times "Show Tracker" is reporting that discussions are underway to bring the show back for at least 8 ,pre episodes, possibly mid-season. Arguably the most impactful of the campaigns, NUTS for Jericho has shipped almost 40,000 pounds of jumbo roasted peanuts to the CBS offices in New York and Los Angeles. While no official announcement has been made by CBS, the story has been reported by various media outlets, lending to its credibility.

Submission + - Battlestar Galactica To Continue

turboflux writes: According to executive producer David Eick, Battlestar Galactica is still an open-ended adventure and it will not be ending after the 4th season as previously reported. Evidently Edward James Olmos jumped the gun on confirming the show would be ending while attending the Saturn Awards this month. Eick goes on to say that the fourth season would actually be 22 episodes (2 more than prior seasons) rather than the reported 13 episode order.

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