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Comment Re: Oracle (Score 1) 295

yes. But this time greed certainly cloud reason. In our organizatiom we have set certain course to free from oracle because of prices and agressive business practices.It started few years ago and next year we will reduce our oracle setup to two servers containing DB archives. And similar processes have started in many organizations. Good luck with yachting Larry :)

Comment Re: Garbage (Score 1) 104

As an admin who had done a enough of java tuning i would suggest you to run more small instances behind a load balancer instead of one big java vm ( especially on multi core/cpu machines, if possisble of course) and garbage collectors more often,monitor gc log and memory- the smaller teeth for memory consumption,the better. But anyway I would like java just die. there is enough evil in the world even without java( and oracle )

Comment What can sysadmins do? (Score 0) 168

I am a sysadmin. I am required by contract to carry phone and laptop around. I can't find unix sysadmin positions which do not require near-constant online presence 24x7. I hate being on call, all these night calls and e-mails written, but I just can't find a work which does not require that anymore.

Comment it will help nothing (Score 1) 644

It won't help , because all around the world govenrments consist of corrupt,selfish,greedy individuals. These people does not value humans like lower classes do. They will find out how to fill their coffers,not pass this money to children or roads. I would advise these 1%ers put their money in restoration of feudalism. When these people will become enlightened monarchs, they could change world, something democracy (rather oligarchy) failed to achieve. Neo-feudal society under planetary God-Empreror would be ideal. I am not naive and I have learned history about abuse of indentured servants in the past. On the other hand - at least here peasant had to pay 10% to the church and 10% to the baron land owner. Compare it with >50% taken by out "democratic" government, which stomp little people into the ground even more than feudal lords did.. P.S. I have witnessed socialism personally ( I grew up in USSR ) so I do not believe in socialist StarTrek style paradise , sorry...

Comment Re:Speak for yourself (Score 2) 282

If your work is your hobby - then fine. Otherwise,you are just slave and idiot. Indoctrinated to work , work and work. In the same time owners of companies get a lot of quality good time playing golf, riding horses and yachting. Taking vacation is not "screwing you coworkers" , it is getting rest to let you function effectively in a long run. .

Comment Re:too much speed (Score 1) 55

I have 100Mbps fiber home optics. I can upgrade it to 200Mbps, but have no real need. 100Mbps - from local trackers I can torrent 4.7GB file in 10-15 minutes, netflix ,youtube on HD whatever works flawless. I indeed cannot imagine why I would need something faster than 100Mbps. Btw - most home routers cannot handle even 100Mbps... 10GBps - how can I utilize this ? I am not sure my computer cpu can handle such amounts of data.

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