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Comment Show your work? (Score 1) 269

So the person making this assertion is a consultant....

They didn't show their work in any way shape or form to back up their claim. Why would this person be any more knowledgable about potential fraud rates than either the banks or Apple for that matter?


Submission + - 1st low cost arm64 hardware

turb writes: Announced today at Linaro Connect in Hong Kong was the HiKey board the first in the 96board program. ( For $129, the HiKey is a 64 bit 8 core Cortex-A53 at 1.2Gz SoC with 1 Gig of LPDDR3, Mali 450, OTG, 2 USB ports, wifi, bluetooth, HDMI, uSD and eMMC. Demoed as part of the announcement were builds of Debian and Android using a 3.18 kernel. Boards will be shipping in March.

Comment CurrentC DOA (Score 1) 631

Let's see, CurrentC collects personal information. It cuts out the credit card companies. Consumers like their bank ergo their credit card companies. It doesn't turn transactions into anonymous one use tokens that prevent fraud. The source of data breaches is the very source of this "solution." There's so many things wrong with CurrentC and somehow it is going to win?

Yeah. Right.

Why should we as consumers vote against Apple/Google and the banks?

This piece reads like some fluff piece by the CurrentC propaganda^hmarketing department.

Comment Energy Comparison (Score 1) 55

While the page with benchmark data includes an intel v ARM comparison, when it came to the power consumption charts there was no intel data to be found. None.

If one of the major themes of the product is power consumption, wouldn't it stand to reason that Intel numbers to compare would be critical as part of the review?


Submission + - High Performance ARM Wordpress Server (

turb writes: Ever wonder what it would take to setup a cheap ARM board to run a reasonably good performing wordpress server? I've wondered the same and have created a 2 part blog entry on using a Linaro based server image with step by step instructions on how to set it up. The blog posts can be found here : and here :

Comment Reality Check (Score 1) 441

So let's assume for a moment and this is true and there really were 8-10 million pre-installs of ubuntu on new hardware. If true, this should be detectable and show up in the form of ubuntu boxes running on the network and their users surfing the web. After all 8-10 million is a little under yearly mac sales. Sure maybe not all ubuntu installs will be on the network, but a significant percentage SHOULD be...

But it doesn't add up. Consider:
Apr 2012 Mac 6.5%, Linux 1%

or even:
Linux ranges from 0.7% to 2.9% Apple's OSX 6.3% to 14.04%

Certainly this kind of measurement is far less then perfect, but what strikes me is that if as Canonical asserts they are seeing these kind of install numbers for Ubuntu and if one were to add in Debian, RedHat and so on, yet still in the counting of web clients OSX is being seen in the wild several multiples more often than all Linux installs together, it would strongly suggest to me that the Linux numbers quoted are at best incorrect. We know how many new Macs are sold every quarter since Apple shares those numbers.

It's not the year of the Linux Desktop as much as we might all want it to be. Sadly Windows AND OSX are kicking Linux's butt when it comes down to number of users.

Comment Re:Revolutionary ? (Score 5, Insightful) 222

or more simply put:

Asking if Apple is responsible for the "revolutionary" devices like the iPad, iPod, iPhone vs the first devices in the class is like suggesting George Washington wasn't responsible for a good portion of the American revolution but instead it was all some guy in a bar who was bitching about the British before everyone else was.

Comment Hack Much? (Score 1) 524

If you're someone that wants to get into the device, and do plenty of your own modifications then sure get an android based tablet that fits into your desired price/feature range. You'll be glad you did and have lots of fun.

If you want to use a tablet and not fiddle with it then I'd recommend getting an iPad. It "just works" and there's plenty of great software.

Comment Re:Bad news for Android makers (Score 1) 205

You are of course assuming that only Motorola, HTC and Samsung make Android devices. I didn't make any claims wrt those companies and what they have or haven't licensed. You're right, not all makers of Android devices are in trouble unless say the Oracle case goes bad.

Rather my point is that if you make an Android device and you don't have your license agreements in place, that's not exactly a warm cozy place to be. Nokia wants (and needs) their licensing revenue.

Comment Bad news for Android makers (Score 1, Troll) 205

Now with Apple and Nokia making up, users of Android are likely in for it next. Consider Apple has more than enough money to make Nokia go away and settle this suit. Apple almost makes more money in this space this all the mobile handset makers combined. This does imply that while the Android makers ship plenty of devices, (more than apple) they don't make a great deal of profit at it.

Nokia is in need of money. A lot of money. So they went after Apple and Apple gave them what they wanted and needed. Apple while no friend of Nokia is slaughtering them in the market... course so is everyone else.

However the next competitors to Nokia are the Android handset makers. Nokia needs more money, so I don't doubt we'll see more lawsuits but now aimed at Android.

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