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Comment Great for early adopters (Score 1) 59

I am a little disappointed as to date, Android wear has been cheap, regularly updated.

Neither watches mentioned are a surprised the 360 dragged through more hardware updaters than it could cope and the lg g a bottom end watch, I would have rather have seen make it to the next generation.

This is Google's (partners)first misstep in this underrated market. They should have dragged both of these watches through another (optional) upgrade cycle.

Comment As a Tech Enthusiast (Score 1) 71

So its come to this, we compare marketing of two similar products aimed at the same potential customers, and Apple fanatics call copy to a montage of real world and exciting examples of their(not your) product being used.

Ironically all I thought was poor value devices to both. I miss Bill buying shoes.

Submission + - The real price of Windows 10 is your privacy (

Mark Wilson writes: Windows 10 is a free upgrade, right? Well, surely you know by now that there's no such thing as a free lunch. We're only 48 hours on from the launch of Windows 10 and already the complaining and criticism is underway. One thing that has been brought under the spotlight is privacy under the latest version of Microsoft's operating system.

Some people have been surprised to learn that Microsoft is utilizing the internet connections of Windows 10 users to deliver Windows Updates to others. But this is far from being the end of it. Cortana also gives cause for concern, and then there is the issue of Microsoft Edge, and ads in apps. Is this a price you're willing to pay?

Windows 10 is more closely tied to a Microsoft account than any previous version of the OS. This allows Microsoft to assign an ID number to users that can then be used to track them across different devices, services, and apps. This in turn can be used to deliver closely targeted ads to people. Microsoft has been pushing the mobile first, cloud first philosophy for some time now, and it becomes clear with Windows 10 that the love of the cloud is as much to do with the ability it gives Microsoft to gather useful data as it is about convenience for users.

Submission + - Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

jones_supa writes: Back in February, users decried the new icon look in Windows 10. To respond to the feedback, Microsoft has implemented a new icon pack in a leaked build 10125, which is soon expected to arrive at the Technical Preview testers as well. Screenshots allow us already to see what the final version of the OS could look like when it goes live this summer. The new icons go all-in on a flat approach, so they follow the same design cues as the rest of the operating system, but the "pixel art" style has been abandoned. Once again, Softpedia asked for user experiences, and this time the comments have been mostly positive.

Comment Use the technology on a chromebook (Score 0) 66

Ok I love the idea of a having a phone where I can choose the bits that are important to me. I will buy one of these phones, assuming they can sort out the cost issues(and get it to work)

What I would be more interested in is parts being interchangeable with a chromebook, although I would want mine to be running debian(based!?) distribution. Hell I think a computer with parts that fit together like sticklebricks is my dream.

Comment Does not take a lot to be evil today (Score 1) 2

Running out of stock in minutes is certainly not evil. It is not even good PR. It pissed people off like it did last time...and the time before. The Nexus is simply very desirable, and its reputation continues to grow. Other companies should learn from the reasons for its successes...which is its point.

The real news is Google embracing as opposed to fighting USA heavily subsidised phones. That, and its choice of choosing a pocket sized internet device as its only phone.

The pretense that demand massively higher that supply is evil is pure spin. The only evil I see here is perhaps a rather fanatic fanboy getting upset that a phone without an "i" in front daring to have huge demand. Although to be honest after seeing all the spin on how wonderful credit card companies suddenly are to defend apple pay as opposed to the thieving bastards that they are who take from those that can least afford their homes, who get the police to evict children onto the street. That is fucking evil...and pretending credit cards are good.

Comment Storage is not same as GUI Design (Score 1) 370

I dislike most of Apples hardware choices. Ignoring the fact that say that ZIP drives where pushed by apple. CD and Floppy where sacrificed for weight...actually moved to external caddies, which is where they should be, as they were (increasingly) occasional use devices. My CD\DVD still gets utilised in my computer and I lament there was never a local;cheap;large enough;versatile;small replacement to replace it,Cloud and USB are better in their own ways, but not a real replacement. My ever growing raided hard drive storage is simply burning electricity, and my fear of losing everything grows.

Comment This is nothing Like GamerGate (Score 3, Insightful) 993

This happens online a lot. It's bad, it's stupid, most of us oppose it, but as GamerGate shows, it can do real harm.

This is nothing Like GamerGate which was as much about an educated woman calling a routinely demonised group a bunch of cunts...over and over again with a convoluted version of feminism for money championed by the verge...again.(There was some shit about that woman making a game about depression(Good for her) that got maybe more credit than it deserved, which I am really not sure about(Game about depression even if like a simple choice game is cool) and a sex scandal which I love...but nobody got and clearly by my description neither did I).

This is about making changes to the OS that are viewed as unpopular...ribbonbar, real names in youtube, removing reatures from nautilus. Gnome Shell, the list is endless.

Comment Nothing to do with Open Source (Score 1) 993

This is entirely to do with breaking something popular; something that worked well. In truth I think pulseaudio is wonderful...but I haven't forgotten the breakages for many, even if the fault laid elsewhere(Ubuntu and Audio) drivers. I am pretty ambivalent about systemd, but I understand why *faster* startup is important. Overall my experience is better for Lennart, but again this is not about Open source, but major changes/regressions for little gains...worthwhile only historically. It pisses people off.

This really raises questions why Apple under Jobs an obvious competitor can release irreparably faulty(Antergate,Bendgate...a little thanks to Verge, Camera problems) buggy products and have it defended, Releasing Buggy/Incomplete Products(Maps/iOS8) or even slowing down products that worked to unworkable(every version of iOS on every iPhone)

Maybe the real problem is Marketing or transparency or community involvement whatever stops the users(Developers) feeling helpless (Jobs would smile in a turtleneck and say you don't want those droids) to being forced to suffer major inconveniences. I object to Lennart kicking back at what seems like an ungrateful community(sic), but really its a cry for support in an area he (and Mr Cook) don't have.

That said what a man.

Submission + - Apple to Face $350 Million Trial Over iPod DRM

An anonymous reader writes: A U.S. district judge ruled last week that a decades-old antitrust lawsuit regarding Apple's FairPlay DRM can move forward to a jury trial (PDF). The plaintiffs claim that in 2004, when "Real Networks launched a new version of RealPlayer that competed with iTunes", Apple issued an update to iTunes that prevented users from using their iPods to play songs obtained from RealPlayer. Real Networks updated its compatibility software in 2006, and Apple introduced a new version of iTunes that also rendered Real Networks's new update ineffective. The plaintiffs reason that they were thus "locked in" to Apple's platform, and as a result "Apple was able to overcharge its customers to the tune of tens of millions of dollars". If the plaintiffs succeed, media content purchased online may go the way of CDs and be playable on competing devices.

Comment No this is PR (Score 1) 304

So it's a hype?
Who would have thought that!

Ironically this is all about Public relations and nothing about the truth, and nobody thinks its apple can tell the truth anymore.. Apples standard to simply lie about everything from taxies to white plastic to antennas to how there devices should be used.If finally catching up with them.

I look forward to the truth coming out.

Submission + - Microsoft on US Immigration: It's Our Way or the Canadian Highway

theodp writes: Even as it cuts about 14% of its workforce, Microsoft is complaining that the company might be denied some of the "roughly" 1,000 H-1B visas for foreign workers it intends to seek, and made it clear that the company could shift some work to Canada or overseas if it can't get talent on its terms. "If I need to move 400 people to Canada or Northern Ireland or Hyderabad or Shanghai, we can do that," said William Kamela, a senior federal policy lead at Microsoft, who later explained that about 60% of Microsoft’s workforce is in the U.S., yet it makes 68% of its profits overseas (where it also stashes its cash out of IRS reach). Kamela made the statements on a panel at a two-day conference on high-skilled immigration policy, where he sat next to Felicia Escobar, special assistant to President Barack Obama on immigration. The day before the conference, Mark Zuckerberg's PAC — which counts Bill Gates as a Founder and Steve Ballmer and Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith as Major Contributors — posted its "MythBusters" video on H-1B visas.

Comment Android Beats Apple Again (Score 1) 206

I am an Android user

Me too, and I think that the fact that I have a 5.5" Phone in my pocked that cost a third the price of the iPhone, and in every way is better. Screams otherwise. I like my music Bass heavy and headphones to look my phone, hell I could use the money I save by not buying an Apple.

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