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Comment Re:I must agree (Score 1) 458

I've always considered Fedora as an "pathfinder" distribution that *will* be initially broken after new release, and I think it really is the nature of Fedora as an distribution. Give it a few months and worst problems should be gone. Early adopters could naturally speed up the process by proper bug/problem reporting via channels that developers actually do read.

Comment It is just work (Score 1) 347

Don't panic. You are working to keep that environment up and running. If disaster strikes, you are working to get it back up. It is just another side of your work; you work to avoid disasters, but you don't worry about them, you prepare and deal with them.

It is a job, not your life. If you forget that, you will end up burning yourself out. Take a good look at your work agreement - it will tell what you are expected to do and for how many hours in a week, and how much money and benefits you are getting in exchange.

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