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Submission + - Barnes & Noble fails to update Nook app in advance of Android 5.0

tulare writes: If you read your eBooks on a Nexus device, plan on doing without reading anything purchased via the Nook bookstore for a while. According to comments made by NOOK on their Facebook page, they will be releasing a fixed version in a week or two.

This begs a couple of questions:
Why did BN miss this?
If BN decides the app business is too much trouble and walks away, what happens to the DRM-protected libraries of their customers?

This has happened before.
Your Rights Online

Submission + - Barnes and Noble allegedly violating GPL for Nook (barnesandnoble.com)

tulare writes: The boot process in B&N's flagship Nook Tablet is locked (good discussion here) and now one user has started a thread at the B&N support forums to address the question of whether or not their boot process is GPL-compliant. The initial response from B&N is telling: they deleted the first thread raising the issue and then marked the current thread "Operates as Intended." As an owner of one of these beasties myself, I'd love to fully utilize the hardware I own.

Submission + - Debian quietly removes Apache1.3 from next release

tulare writes: "Unless you happen to follow BTS closely, you probably missed the following message:

Apache 1.3 is obsolete and should not be included in Lenny, which would require to support it at least until 2011.
With that, Apache 1.3 was (forever?) stripped from the next Debian release, called Lenny. From my perspective, it's a pretty big thing to drop Apache 1.3 from the distribution, and you'd think that there would be more discussion on the topic, but that doesn't seem to have taken place."

Submission + - Barack Obama's website hacked, laptops stolen (dailykos.com) 1

tulare writes: "Apparently someone (presumably supporting Hillary Clinton hacked the my.barackobama.com website, inserting redirects to Hillary Clinton's website when users tried to click through the community blogs section. There's a video of the redirects being run on the link above. Additionally, there are reports that laptops containing field data, as well as cellphones, were stolen during a break-in at the Allentown, PA field office.

Is it 1972 all over again?"


Submission + - Dumping .info TLD for good?

tulare writes: "To the chagrin of postmasters and webmasters everywhere, the newish .info and .biz domains have become the realm of all that is seedy on the Internet, from popup-laden porn sites to every imaginable R)oleX and Herbal V14GrA advertising domain. From this writer's point of view, there is simply nothing on .info or .biz that is not at some level related to spam.

My question is this: at what point, and what sorts of efforts can be taken to simply drop the entire mess that has become .info and .biz? I'm sure ICANN would need to get involved, but perhaps a petition drive to convince DNS server admins to blackhole those TLDs would be a starting point to show public support for denying spammers the cheap safe haven they now have. Thoughts?"

Submission + - Open-source reader for Publisher files?

tulare writes: "Over the past year or so, I've noticed an increase of people sending one another documents in .pub format, both to myself, as well as to the users who I support at work. I've seen everything from thank-you letters to disclaimers, to the sort of newsletters I imagine Publisher was intended to be used for. Problem is, nobody here has it, nor do we need particularly need to spend the money for it, but I can't seem to find a file reader anywhere.

To be frank, I don't blame the senders for this — they have Publisher, everyone in their office has Publisher, why wouldn't anyone else? Add to this the File | Send to Mail Recipient feature, and the assumption is easy to make if you don't know any better. Yes, we can and do email the sender saying "Hi, can you either send that file to us in some other format, or forward along $149.99 so we can go down to {Fry's,Staples,BestBuy,etc} and pick up a copy?" but it's becoming a common enough problem that I've had to draft an email template politely requesting that the sender use other document formats. Please keep in mind the fact that I don't work in a desktop publishing-heavy business here. From the chair I infrequently get to sit in (due to constant user-support brushfires), Publisher is sadly going down the road of becoming Yet Another De-Facto Standard. Beyond deploying the velvet-covered LART every week or so and dealing with frustrated users, or paying Microsoft more money just to read someone's document, what options do we have? Does anyone know of a reader or plugin in the works? Where can I help?"

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