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Submission + - Wasteland 2 Reaches $1 Million In Funding in over 2 Days 1

sitkill writes: "The crowdfunding RPG from Brian Fargo (of Interplay fame) Wasteland 2 has reached it's funding goal of $900,000 in two days and most recently became Kickstarters fourth project to exceed $1 million in funding. Fargo has stated that he will take no money from this funding project as salary, and will be dedicating all funding to the game. Wasteland 2 also becomes the second high profile game funded via Kickstarter (the first originally being Double Fine Adventures) and has shown the possibilities of breaking from the traditional developer-publisher model. Interesting facts for Wasteland 2 is that the APP (average per pledger) dollar amount currently sits at $57 versus Double Fine's final APP of $38, which seems to indicate the Post-Apocalyptic RPG fans have money to spare. Wasteland 2 still has 32 days to go to break Double Fine's Kickstarter record of $3.3 million."

Submission + - President's budget slashes domestic fusion energy research (fusionfuture.org) 5

Sgs-Cruz writes: "There is a huge problem with the Obama administration's budget request for fiscal 2013, announced a couple of weeks ago. Essentially, the government is trying to fund its share of the ITER construction (capital) budget out of the operating budget of the U.S. magnetic fusion energy research program, instead of increasing the funding to pay for ITER construction. One of the three tokamak facilities, Alcator C-Mod at MIT, is being closed entirely, and the other two are facing huge cuts and will have to lay off many staff. In a few years, this will swallow up the domestic fusion research program entirely. Given that magnetic fusion is one of the best hopes for abundant clean energy in the future, this seems very shortsighted on the part of the government. There is a letter-writing campaign under way to get Congress to reverse the cuts."

Comment Re:Welcome to the future (Score 1) 631

Even scientific research is affected heavily by this and requires fewer people to do the same job. In one week I can do experiments that 5 years ago would have taken 10 people a full year to perform. With such throughput it isn't necessary even to formulate a hypothesis. You just test every possible variation and let the data speak for itself.

You use the word science, I don't think it means what you think it means.

Comment Re:With one HUGE problem (Score 2) 109

I agree with your basic premise and found myself thinking the same thing at first. Then after playing for a while I'd get in the zone where I could go for long stretches w/o dying, that there was a certain logic in the layout. I ended up having a lot of fun playing it and wished it was longer. The atmosphere was well done, too. Also, I tried it with a gamepad at first and found the mouse/keyboard is WAAAY better, as usual, so perhaps that didn't help console sales. A few year ago a tried parkour around the Boston area and found it a lot of fun and very challenging. I stopped quickly after a) being terrible at it and b) breaking my toe. But, the people I did meet and watched had a philosophy which I think was captured very well in this game. That being said, I can imagine why video game that intends to appeal to people who are interested in parkour didn't sell well. They're too busy doing crazy stuff at your local T-stop.

Comment Re:Pot, meet kettle (Score 5, Interesting) 277

Not that I agree with the massive tuition hikes, but the difference here is that the journal is getting most of it's content and editing for free. It would be like the UC tuition rising despite all the professors and janitors working for free. Also some journals actually charge your for publishing articles. It cost me a $1000 to publish in an IOP journal...and by me I mean the taxpayer since I work on a DOE experiment.

Comment Such Great Work (Score 4, Insightful) 93

I had just watched Aliens over the weekend after not having seen it for awhile (and recently suffering though the AVP:R). It was amazing at how much better the movie was since it didn't dump crappy CGI monsters into it. The Winston team worked hard to make realistic looking Aliens, not to mention all the models and the lifesize stuff like the load-lifter and the queen....*sigh*

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