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Comment Re:Good for them (Score 0) 1592

Germany raped Greece instead of helping it.

. Should it have been raped for them? What's they purpose of the union, then?

I appreciate that you are attempting to use the word rape in this context as hyperbole.. but since you never actually say what Germany did to Greece, it sounds a lot like you are trying to say that the country of Germany literally just forcibly had sex with the country Greece.

Comment Re:Never give them bank access (Score 2) 180

The check gives them authorization to debit from the account only once. Setting up auto pay with ACH grants a nearly irrevocable agreement giving them permission to debit any amount at any time.

Bill pay initiated from a bank portal typically results in a check being mailed to the payee, or for a decidedly one time electronic transfer of money to take place.

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