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Comment Re:He is dead right for PCs, Dead wrong for embedd (Score 1) 150

There are like... 10 devices on the supported hardware list of those projects. Most of them are painfully obsolete. None of them are open hardware, and they probably run on reverse engineered firmware, and not actual clean open implementations.

Debin will run on almost any normal x86 PC from the past 20 years, and function quite adequately as a router with two NICs.

Comment Re:He is dead right for PCs, Dead wrong for embedd (Score 5, Informative) 150

It is actually also a major problem for many embedded devices. Have you really looked at the DD-WRT project lately? It is completely dead, largely due to the lack of a common platform. My embedded router is in the rubbish heap now, we have switched to an x86 device running normal Linux...

Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 1) 467

Sony did not develop No Man's Sky. It's also fairly accurate to say that if someone invests 50 hours into a game and then wants a refund...calling them a thief isn't too far off base. That's the same for any retail business out there. If you bought a game and want a refund after an hour or two of trying to get things to work right, that's perfectly fine. 50 hours? No way.

Maybe Sony should install a rootkit on their computer... you know since they are probably criminals anyways.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 0) 1592

Germany raped Greece instead of helping it.

. Should it have been raped for them? What's they purpose of the union, then?

I appreciate that you are attempting to use the word rape in this context as hyperbole.. but since you never actually say what Germany did to Greece, it sounds a lot like you are trying to say that the country of Germany literally just forcibly had sex with the country Greece.

Comment Re:Never give them bank access (Score 2) 180

The check gives them authorization to debit from the account only once. Setting up auto pay with ACH grants a nearly irrevocable agreement giving them permission to debit any amount at any time.

Bill pay initiated from a bank portal typically results in a check being mailed to the payee, or for a decidedly one time electronic transfer of money to take place.

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