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Comment Re:Is this how they can do wifi location detection (Score 2, Interesting) 237

I'm not sure how google does it but the iPod uses skyhook wireless location services. If you read the blurb from their website they tell you about how they use clustering to self heal their location network in between readings, which don't need to happen very often.

I've moved house a few times and taken my routers with me and i've watched the iPod maps app switch between the old location and the new one for a few days depending on how many other networks it can see. After a few days, though, the system has "healed" itself and consistently finds the correct location.

Comment Re:Goodness, Who To Believe... (Score 0) 410

You should look up how a jet engine works

Those "air intakes" are the engine. There is nothing to get clogged, the GP is accurate about how the ash will get compressed into a small space and erode the inside of the jet engine until it shakes itself apart.

Comment Re:"Magic" is a good term for great UI... (Score 1) 1010

at that point you would go "hmm I could use a real keyboard" so you would hook up your bluetooth keyboard to the iPad.

As referenced from

" iPad also comes with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology, letting you connect to devices like wireless headphones or the Apple Wireless Keyboard."

Comment Re:So, what can we (US Citizens) do to stop this? (Score 1) 410

who else is there to vote for? Vacuous Cameron? The man who has no policies worth mentioning so that once he's in he can do what he likes?
I'll vote after making an informed choice but as no one else will all we'll end up with is the same kind of government shafting us all for 5 years more.

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 65

Problems are that the disk images don't expand like File Vault apparently does. Also, doesn't use Time Machine effectively.

These problems both go away if, when creating a new encrypted disk image, you set the format to "Sparse Bundle Disk Image". Sparse bundles are the same disk image format FileVault uses.

It creates a mac OS bundle which contains a series of smaller files called bands which store chunks of the encrypted file system. The file grows in size with the data and is time machine friendly as it can detect the changes in the individual bands and back them up individually.

Comment Re:On Par? (Score 1) 756

yeah I know, sorry. I just got wound up by all the FUD on message boards from people who don't seem to have read everything.

I really just meant to say about how the A4 could be a 4 core chip, but no one can know for sure at the moment either way.

Palm OS cards does work very well. I'm just not convinced apple will try. Then again everyone complaining about "multitasking" is hurting their brand image so we shall see.

Comment Re:On Par? (Score 1) 756

Thing is nobody can know how many cores it has since apple hasn't disclosed that information.

The Cortex A9 can support 1-4 cores per die ( see the colourful diagram)

The apple processor is called the A4. I have just as much credibility as any tech blogger on the internet to suggest the apple CPU they have developed perhaps has 4 cores?

And just to set the record straight everyone could shut up about multitasking if apple would just let apps hand off any audio stream to the background media player that the iPod app uses. Everything else can be done by apps creatively saving their state and a better handling of notifications. You read that android does multitasking but you don't read that you need to run a task killer to get any kind of responsiveness out of the phone. People want to do more than one thing at once but diminishing resources and battery life with every developer's pet background process is not the way to solve it in these kinds of devices. and by kinds of devices I mean devices without a swap file for whatever reason.

Disclaimer: i'm an iPhone developer

Comment Re:Use of commas. (Score 1) 348

while technically incorrect usage and shunned by many academics I've met, as a computer programmer it sits better with me to have each term in a list or array of objects accurately comma delimited. It seems stupid to me to rely on re-arranging a list because of the ambiguity an and term can create.

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