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Political Upheaval In Fictional Czech State 21

Rog-Mahal writes "The fictional Kingdom of Wallachia has made the front page of Czech newspapers lately. The practical joke turned tourist attraction started by photographer Tomas Harabis has been locked is a power struggle between Bolek Polivka, the current king, and Harabis, the foreign minister. The faux country has received international attention over the years: 'Wallachia makes money several ways, including offering tastings of its famed plum brandy, slivovitz, to corporate clients. Its biggest source of revenue is the Wallachian passport, which costs the equivalent of $7.69. There are roughly 90,000 citizens of the make-believe nation, once including George W. Bush, who was given a passport some years ago by a Czech living in Texas. Mr. Bush's citizenship was revoked in 2003 after the United States invaded Iraq. The passport has created some confusion, however. When a man from Pakistan recently asked the kingdom for political asylum, Mr. Harabis said he had to gently explain that Wallachia was not a real country. The Wallachian passport now warns: "This passport is not yet an official document of the Czech Republic."' We can only hope for a peaceful end to hostilities."

Comment Re:That's it? (Score 1) 688

Thank you. I was going to say where is my "pissed off" option!? I think a good place to start is the large financial institutions are their peons in the SEC and Fed and the deregulaters in the government.

Comment Re:Sudden Peace? (Score 3, Insightful) 1067

Hamas was voted into power in a free and fair election. But I suppose that wasn't by people who are "reasonable free thinkers." What were the people of Gaza thinking!? They should be happy with their benevolent Israeli overlords who control their borders, deny them food and medical supplies, subject them to the worst humiliation in clear opposition of international law, and essentially contain them in "the world's largest prison." I guess we only support democracy when the results are to our liking. It would be funny if it wasn't so serious that you bring up war crimes. I cannot speak to whether Hamas' attacks are war crimes, but it's a fact that Israel constantly commits war crimes. If we should punish a country that commits war crimes by bombing them, then Israel would be dust. Their continued occupation of territories acquired by conquest, torture, denial of food and medical supplies, and other violations of international and human rights laws should be enough for the international community to invade Israel according to your logic. And I think I would take you up on your bet. After Hamas was voted into power, Israel tightened its grip on Gaza starting the world's largest siege in an effort to cause the people to stop supporting Hamas. It is having the opposite of your desired effect. I'm not saying that Israel cannot bomb Gaza into submission, but it doesn't mean the people of Gaza will stop fighting for their own deserved sovereignty.

Comment In the end (Score 1) 155

Isn't it true that at this point the differences in processing power do not translate into that big of a difference when it all gets rendered? Even if the PS3 is able to render more polygons or process more lighting effects, the 360 has enough power to render really decent looking games. The differences are pretty subtle. I'm looking at the Kill Zone 2 video that was posted earlier and it looks really great. Tons of shit is happening and there are a lot of neat effects. But the advantages are pretty subtle over GOW2 or even Half-Life 2 (5 years old!) for the 360.

Review: Gears of War 2 193

The original Gears of War was one of the most popular games of 2006, helping to solidify the Xbox 360's place in the console market. Since then, it's sold about 5 million copies. When word leaked out that a sequel was in the works, many wondered if Epic Games could reach the bar set by the first game. As it turns out, they could. Gears of War 2 will feel very familiar to those who have played its predecessor. Games often have a way of reinventing themselves as sequels come and go, but Epic stuck to the basics of what had already worked so well, and simply set about improving, polishing, and fleshing out the Gears world as much as they could. Read on for the rest of the review.

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