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Comment Indespensible (Score 2) 349

I'm so very pleased to see so many before state the painfully obvious. The very notion that anyone other than the proper, majority share holding owner is indispensable, much less a contractor, is naive at best, arrogant at the middle ground, and anathema to productive continuity. While we should all value our positions in whichever line of work we are in, we owe it to ourselves to come as close to objective assessment of the skill sets and their subsequent application toward the overall operation. I hold IT personnel in high regard, but let us all face reality: There are countless others that seek these jobs, many of whom no doubt come without the baggage of misplaced importance or inequitable sense of self-worth. I say this with full recognition that I do not know this person posing the question. That being said, in a place such as Slashdot, I do believe my words fall on many ears that have heard this type of talk stemming from behavior demonstrative of that which fosters ill rapport and declining morale.

Comment Re:Just to be clear (Score 1) 140

1. Sex and Nudity don't lead to Any one of those items on your list. I have to believe you are either trolling or just being funny. If you honestly DO believe that utter nonsense, you aren't the type of person with whom any rational person may engage in actual discourse. 2. The "acceptability" factor comes into play by the fact that content containing the above mentioned explicit material containing violence is allowed, whereas nudity is being censored. Fact: Violence is shown/disseminated with very little censorship while nudity is forbidden. Perfect Example: While watching the movie "13 Ghosts" on TNT, the scene where the lawyer is slain, he was sliced in half by the sliding doors. His gruesome death aside, his guts and brains and everything else inside was shown in full detail, whereas the topless woman from whom he was fleeing, Suicide Girl, had her nipples blurred out. Does that Really need further explanation?

Comment Digital Distribution and Serial Exchange Services (Score 1) 283

the sooner we ditch physical media, the better. Digital Distribution is the Now and should remain so. Console Gamers will have to adjust to present. Does anyone believe for a second that some massive boycott will ensue if discs can't be traded? As the internet becomes a part of everything under the sun, consoles need to adjust to the modern age and the manufacturers can make a name for themselves by doing their Duty to bring everyone else on board. Other than selling or trading discs, which doesn't have to disappear, why would anyone want to continue using discs? Look at Steam...perfect example of a system that Works. You get a game serial attached to your account and it works just fine. Want to trade in your game? Make it possible to resell your account key...problem solved. That in itself can open up a whole new line of revenue, which I LOATHE to even bring up, but think about all the ads the services can place on a Game Serial Exchange board, a small service fee they can charge, things like that. It removes any trust issues for selling a physical product, damaged discs, the hassle of shipping. I'm sure the shipping companies/post office might be a bit miffed on losing out on those revenues, but it's not like they're going out of a business as a result.

Submission + - George Orwell in the Modern Age

tsman writes: In a recent essay by author Allan Weisbecker, author of the cult hit "Cosmic Banditos", he explore the modern parallel's of George Orwell's 1984 , both in terms of Orwell's prescience and understating the technology of our computerized age to enable the powers of governmental regulation. Through wit, apt criticism, and well researched assessment of many of today's top minds and notable Pulitzer Prize winning authors, he demonstrates that we still have much to learn from Orwell's uncanny predictions of life in the modern age.

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