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Comment Re: And then those employees burn down your restau (Score 1) 1023

That only works becuase of digital projection, nothing but bits to move around, fast food has ingredients that need assembling etc, that drop on the floor, the get jammed in the dispensers, that don't get cleaned out of the nozzles, and thus spread food poisoning etc, it's a whole different ball of wool.

Comment Re: Does it matter? (Score 1) 259

I still use it on Linux with few problems, to be honest my only real beef with it on Linux is due to pulse audio not being able to handle multiple Bluetooth connection profiles, so you can have stereo headphones with a mic, all other OS's manage to use AD2P for outgoing audio and HSP/HCP for in comming audio streams, Linux/pulse is the only combo that seems to insist on a single profile for audio in both directions.

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