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Comment Re:Apropos lowest retail cost (Score 5, Interesting) 322

I'm wondering. Say I look at online photos of some really expensive shower curtain rings, make my own 3D rendering based on those photos, then print some for myself (and maybe for some friends who come over). Am I guilty of pirating? Will lawmakers see that as "stealing"?

Or how about if I copied the design of some really cool & expensive smartphone case and just printed one for myself instead of buying one. Will that be stealing?

Comment Re:The big question (Score 1) 88

The part where they will be testing an "experimental feature where the voter can check via a physically separate channel (smart phone) if his or her vote has been registered correctly" sounds like a good start. When you get verified reports of people's votes getting changed along the way, you launch an investigation and trace how/where it happened.

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