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Comment Re:someone probably died for this mistake (Score 1) 137

Maybe, but I think it isn't likely. The internet is such a minor part of North Korea that taking it out probably didn't do much of anything in terms of productivity or entertainment. I can see people getting yelled at, having to do self criticism sessions, or get fired. But the internet simply isn't important enough for executions. And hell, infrastructure breaks or doesn't work properly there all the time. If they executed people for every mistake the only person alive would be the Dear Leader (who's infallible of course).

Comment Re:Is it leaked or is it not yet leaked? (Score 1) 165

I think it's one of the problem with our two party system. it makes it so that very few people can be part of a party they truly believe in. Democrats seem to care more about LGBT rights so that's what the demographic tends to support. I guess it helps that persecuting the LBGT group involves outing them instead of quietly restricting them with secret lists. Conversely, I know Christians who are Republicans even though their faith & morals makes them support stronger social safety nets and looser restrictions on immigration.

Comment Re:I have no debt and a hefty savings account (Score 1) 386

I feel like this is one area we may need the government to come in and save people from themselves by restricting how much credit a person can hold based on income or something.

Funny thing is, the government already does this to a limited extent. Folks who got home loans/are trying to get a home loan may have heard of something called Debt-to-Income Ratio (though debt to income percentage may be more accurate). This is the ratio between the all the monthly payments someone pays for borrowing money (Loans, Line of Credits, Credit Cards, etc) and their monthly income. If a bank wants to give you a loan that's backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, they must make sure that with the new loan, the borrower's DTI will be within a certain percentage. Typically it's around 43% to 49% depending on a lot of factors.

Comment Re:Weakness (Score 1) 185

I baited you (again) for saying that I'm not here for an argument (not "out to get you")? Only way you can call that me baiting you is if you think I'm lying. And yea dude (or dudette), that's being defensive.

There's really two choices available here. You understand their situation and you're judging them. Or, you don't understand their situation and your're judging them. You know, or you don't know. How exactly are these "appalling choices?"

Well, in any event, if you do wish to elaborate on your stance (besides the flippant "who in this life has not been judged") then I will read and try to be civil even if I end up not agreeing with you. But if you just want to throw more insults (ad hominem attacks since we're bringing out the fallacies) then that's cool too.

Comment Re:Weakness (Score 2) 185

Rather defensive. For what it's worth, I'm not out to get you. Though I could see why you'd think so since this is /. and all.

My thought preliminary judgement of you was "I hope it's the former." I can kind of get people who look down on others for not doing emotionally as well as them in similar situations (soldiers who look down on other soldiers who have PTSD for exmaple). But if you're just judging someone without knowing their situation, or at least their emotioinal state? Yea, that's being a smug dick. Like a civilian calling a soldier with PTSD weak I suppose.

I'll give you some advice as well. If you fail in a business venture of this magnitude, people WILL judge you as a failure no matter how much they care about you. This is especially true if you stressed your finances and your relationship for the sake of the business. Now those that do care will forgive and move on quickly, but you still hurt them. And finding a better class of people won't take away the sting that they're not the ones that made a mistake, you did.

Now, I imagine you'll point out that no matter how bad one feels, they shouldn't kill themselves (that's weak as you say). All I can say to that is, unless you truly appreciate how depression and stress can erode the rational mind, then judge if you must. But at the same time, be aware that you're judging from ignorance.

Comment Re:Weakness (Score 1) 185

I'm a bit curious. Are you judging the suicides becuase you've been a similar situation? That is to say, worked absurdly hard to get a small business rolling, only to fail and be judged as a failure by many of the people you know (plus whatever contacts you have on social media). Or, are you just playing the "they can't handle that much negative stimilus, how pathetic" card?

Comment Re:Third option (Score 1) 421

Yes, that's bizarre, and it sounds self-delusional.

Well, the rationale is that some folks want to have a protector on their phone no matter what since they want to keep them in the best condition possible. For them I can kind of see more thin being an asset (the protector + phone combo is less bulky). But yea in a general sense Apple is taking the "thin is in" mindset a bit too far.

Comment Re:not sexist (Score 1) 232

Since you aren't sexist, it's safe to say you don't believe there's anything better or worse about the two pronouns. In that case, does it really matter what pronoun someone uses to substitute a proper noun? We've used he as the default for years and the general consensus was mostly "meh." Why is "she" so bothersome? Is it aesthetic? Is it because the usage of "she" brings up images of shrill anti-male feminists? If it's because of the second reason... well think of it this way. That's like being the polar opposite of groups who cry "female oppression!" each time someone uses the masculine pronoun in a mixed gender setting. I don't think being on either camp is a good thing. Both sides are too sensitive and whatnot.

Comment Re:100 percent bullshit (Score 1) 200

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but from I know of human history the expectation of children was that they should be able to quietly observe their parents and learn from them. And of course early actions like hunting would require paying close attention for long periods of time. I suppose ADHD would've been ok when we were hunter gathers, but once we moved on to tool useage and planning on ways to procure food, it it would've become a liability.

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