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Comment very simple these days (Score 1) 325

in the late 90s I had very elaborate setups and multiple computers but these days things are much simpler. I have a MBP with a fast external harddrive for timemachine backups, a github and bitbucket account, and about a dozen servers at linode. I guess I should also include by Samsung S5 Active since it has JuiceSSH on it and I use it for taking care of the linodes when I'm out and about without my laptop.

Comment Architects (Score 1) 72

Strange, but in college I hung out with more architecture majors than fellow comp/sci folks (their parties were better). Her work is pretty freaking awesome even if I'm not knowledgeable enough to understand it the way an architect would. ...that's sort of the hallmark of a great architect I suppose.

I worked in a couple architecture firms too while in college, I feel bad for kids coming out of architecture school. They're pretty much taught/told to be the next great architect then get out in the real world are are stuck designing Taco Bells and stuff. In Comp/Sci all you need is a laptop, inet connection, and a compiler to do great things but in Architecture, you have to deal in meatspace.

Comment Re:Fuck the SFPD (Score 1) 464

you guys expect jail to be like going to the dr office and sitting in the waiting room. It's jail, there's no customer service in jail, no one smiles at you in jail, no one wants to chat with you, no one really gives a fuck because it's jail.

I got picked up by a state trooper with a warrant I had forgot about (old traffic tickets) and was taken to Denton county jail. I sat in holding ( the drunk tank ) for about 10 hours before i was processed and could see a judge, once i paid my fines I was then released.. to the parking lot at about 3am, my car had been towed to a place across town and I only had my two feet to get there ( this was before i had a cell phone ). Jail is not a pleasant experience, stay out of it.

Comment more time with family? (Score 1) 129

You left Stack Exchange to spend more time with your family yet a year later you launched another company. Was the time spent with your family not all that great compared to developing a new business idea? I can see a lot of hard nosed entrepreneurs suffering from boredom when not out on the edge. However, you only get what you give; at work _and_ at home.

Comment Re:Honest suggestions from new'ish parent (Score 4, Insightful) 170

"Stop pursuing money for gain while you have kids under 60 Months of age. "

For our first we didn't have an option. However, I was able to make a large jump in pay when the second came and my wife is now a stay-at-home-mom so it's a much better situation. She's going to go back to work ( she's a high school teacher ) once the youngest is in 1st grade. No mother I've ever met chose daycare out of convenience it's usually just not an option to stay home.

Comment Honest suggestions from new'ish parent (Score 3, Insightful) 170

My kids are 5 and 3, my oldest spent a lot of time in daycare as an infant since both my wife and I were working. Here's a couple honest suggestions if anyone is listening

Our best experience with a daycare was one with a stable solid staff. The lady that ran the place was a no nonsense hardass. A stickler for procedure and didn't take shit from anyone. This really helped us feel like someone was in charge and on top of things. The lady who took care of our infant was there the whole time we were enrolled and had been there for quite some time before. It really helps the child when there are no staff changes, the child has to get adjusted and use to the adult and feel comfortable and secure. If there's high rollover then it can really make things awful for the child and therefore the parents.

One final suggestion, it would be useful to have some sort of program that reaches out to parents and helps them emotionally as much as possible during enrollment and especially the first day. It's pretty gut wrenching to drop off your child who hasn't left your arms in months to a stranger, you can always tell the new kids because their parents are the ones crying their eyes out in the parking lot. It's hard on fathers (i cried) but especially mothers. My wife couldn't do it, I had drop off duty every day.

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