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Comment Re:Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... (Score 1) 155

My sites degrade gracefully for IE...
Design for worst case, then pretty it up for best case (many of us are doing it the other way round).
Providing *acceptable* baseline experiences for older browsers doesn’t reduce the overall experience.
Users of these browsers (IE 6,7,8 and various other older browsers) should expect to not have the full web experience that the html5 capable browsers enjoy. But, they'll simply miss some rounded corners, drop shadows and nicer typography, but the essence of the pages are the same. Hopefully this technique will also push users towards the newer browsers...
I assure you my pages *do* work in IE6, but they certainly look much better in Safari 5, Chrome, Opera (and to a certain extent Firefox).

Comment Re:IE6, IE7 and IE8 on one system without multiple (Score 1) 409

It's not a financial thing - in fact I'm running it all off a Mac Pro, with XP running through Parallels for IE6 & IE7. But it would be a pain in the ass to have to run 2 VMs (one with IE6 & IE7 the other with IE8) *just* for checking my web pages.

Maybe it's just me being lazy, but it would make a huge difference if I could check all three main browsers in the one VM...

Comment IE6, IE7 and IE8 on one system without multiple VM (Score 1) 409

Does anyone know if it is possible to run IE6, IE7 and IE8 on one system without multiple VMs for my web site testing..?

I've been using MultipleIE http://tredosoft.com/Multiple_IE for testing in IE6 & IE7 alongside each other, but it is not compatible with IE8 and it looks like there is no intention to make it so...

Am I just gonna have multiple VMs or is there a more elegant solution?

Comment Re:MythBusters isn't the safest show (Score 4, Interesting) 500

and the steam cannon - they wanted to get it up to 200PSI, but time conspired against them and it only got to 65PSI. The cannonball travelled a mile, it might well have hit the San Francisco suburbs if they'd tripled the PSI..!

and the chicken cannon firing at non-birdstrike approved windshields.

We all make miscalculations!

Comment Re:irrational... (Score 1) 477

Damn, my experiences couldn't be more different...

MacDonalds tastes like s**t to me and I'm an omnivore! MacDonalds is lowest common denominator food, it is tolerable for its price but that's about it. MacDonalds *is* cheap but saying it tastes awesome is a stretch too far for me!

Subway - fresh bread - WOW! Go to a Deli, you'll get nice fresh bread there and *much* nicer fillings, it'll probably be cheaper than Subway too. And Subway is *not* healthy - look and see how much fat and salt their fillings have...

My '96 Audi A3 has 125,000 miles on the clock and still running beautifully, same with the 280E Merc which has damn near 160,000 on it with no major problems with either in over a decade. YMMV Yes Japanese cars do pretty well in the long term (now a days) - but they devalue SOOOO quickly too - at least the German cars hold their value pretty well.

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