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Comment Re:It doesn't compete with tablets (Score 2) 442

The big selling point, to me, is the pen digitizer. Slate PCs and even convertible tablet PCs are relatively uncommon. Pricing is really not bad next to similar machines like the Samsung Series 7 Slate, or even relative to things like a Cintiq for entry level pen-on-screen stuff. It also seems like it'll have a much nicer screen than what's in most existing products to boot. If it was just a capacitive touchscreen with an included stylus like you can get for iPads/etc, then that'd be different. As a dual digitizer device, it actually seems like it'll be a rather attractive product for certain markets.

Comment Re:At least they aren't charging... (Score 3, Insightful) 89

Actually, thing is, it's not that similar to FFXI. They reused the races, but past that, they seemed to intentionally do things differently than XI. In the meantime, FFXI has undergone quite a number of changes over the years, much of which has served to make it a more appealing game. The current Abyssea content, in and of itself, is a vast departure from FFXI as originally released - albeit at the expense of the rest of the game, which is being largely ignored now as a result. Either way, XIV would likely be a far better product if SE had actually taken their years of hard lessons learned with XI and applied them to XIV. If they -had- taken current XI and retooled it a little, put new graphics on it, then there'd be a lot more content, and a lot more tweaks already in place. They didn't.

Comment Re:Higher TCO? (Score 1) 469

What I took from that is not that it's a Mac vs. PC thing, but a typical office user vs. creative user thing. Figure, their PCs are probably your normal office drone setups. AD logon, Office, probably not much more. People log on, check their Exchange accounts, write emails and word docs, edit Excel spreadsheets, and that covers their computing needs. Connect to the one network printer down the hall... "Creatives" as they call them are probably the media department type folks. They'll have Mac Office, but they'll also have a suite of Adobe stuff, maybe a few other tools too. Digital cameras, scanners, maybe a wide format printer, etc. A bit more in the way of peripherals, programs, and in turn file formats to deal with. My experience has been more that the more stuff that can go wrong, the more calls you'll wind up getting.

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