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Comment Luddite position? (Score 1) 213

They build high performance cars that just so happen to be street legal, who the fuck wants a self driving race car? Does that not defeat the entire purpose of owning a high performance machine? The one point that makes auto racing a sport is the skill of the driver. If you remove the driver, you remove the sport.

Comment Re:Malwarebytes FTW!!! (Score 2) 163

Eh MBAM has become pretty bloated lately, and it hasn't been detected as many threats as it used to. I haven't had it in my toolkit for a while. I use the Emsisoft Emergency Kit, JRT, ADWcleaner, Roguekiller and Hitman Pro most often. Combofix if a system really needs it, but I find that isn't the case as often as it used to be, and I don't believe they've got a version of combofix that runs on windows 8, 8.1 or 10.

Comment Re:Retro (Score 1) 153

You were able to detect that I am indeed Mark Zuckerberg?! I mean, who else would know how many active users are on Facebook? It's not like that information is readily available to anyone with access to a search engine. You're obviously so much better than the 1 in 7 people who use Facebook, simply because you use it. Please continue to shower us in the glory of your power and wisdom, oh great and mighty Oracle. We must show these 1.03 billion people the sin of their ways, shine a light on the path to Enlightenment! Praise Him!

Was that sarcastic enough? I've only had 1 cup of coffee this morning.

Comment Re:Try it for free. (Score 1) 118

I support and respect your opinion. I just couldn't get over the widescreen only, rotation locked "home screen" that has a background available in every color as long as it's white. Everything else seemed ok, but the over all experience I was left with was "meh". Perhaps if I had used it long enough to get used to the various quirks I wouldn't have minded it as much, but for now I'll stick with marshmallow on my nexus 7.

Comment Jeremiad is literally old news. (Score 1) 669

Dystopia, doomsday, armageddon, have been on the precipice for thousands of years. The old guard feels it has a duty to criticize the upcoming generation. They are the product of those before them after all. Perhaps it is too difficult to look inward and see just how futile this comparative analysis is? No one ever heard their parents say "when i was your age..." and rolled their eyes? I find myself having these thoughts already and I'm only 30. Kids today just don't get it.

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