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Comment Re: most vulnerabilities != most vulnerable (Score 1) 147

For instance... QuadRooter, many devices are still vulnerable and won't be patched. The kernel itself is vulnerable, no amount of "Play" patches will fix this since it's a vulnerability much lower on the software stack than the "Play" services.

Same goes for Stagefright. You can mitigate some of the issues with this but mitigations can only go so far, you still need to patch the underlying library and again, no amount of "Play" patches will fix this since it's controlled by the vendor.

Comment Re:Not all rosy (Score 4, Informative) 154

You can control how many sub-processes are created by the browser using an entry at the about:config screen. If you set it to one it will only spawn one sub-process. This will of course negate the whole idea of having sub-processes since all tabs would be running in one rendering sub-process but it would fix your issue.

Comment Why can't they see how corrupt Hillary is? (Score 1) 1430

Why the hell can't they see how corrupt Hillary is? Why in God's name can't they see that? I just don't fucking understand it!

I just can't understand why. What is wrong with these people? Are they that fucking brain dead? Do they even have a brain to begin with?

We've seen all of the news, all of the leaks, all of the facts, all of the details and yet... What the fuck is wrong with these people? Hillary is the most corrupt bitch in Washington. If she became the President she would have destroyed this nation. TPP would have passed, nobody would be working, there would be no jobs left, everyone would be on welfare.

I don't want welfare! I want to work damn it! Give me a job where I can feel useful to society. I don't want to simply be sitting on a couch collecting money from the government, I want to work damn it! People during the Great Depression felt taking a handout from the government was beneath them, they wanted to work. Now, I don't understand it... people don't want to work, they just want free shit. No... no... no, I don't want free shit, I want to work for my stuff.

Why the hell does the left hate this country so much? Why are they so willing to watch this nation be destroyed? I can't wrap my mind around why they hate this nation so much that they would be willing to elect such a corrupt woman to be president. She would destroy this nation and every hard working American would be left poor as dirt. The Middle Class would be instantly destroyed under her reign of terror.

Comment Re:No plan whatsoever (Score 1) 30

But what do you do about the proprietary drivers that are often used by companies such as nVidia, ATi, Broadcom, and the various SoCs that are used in Android devices? Hell, I have a five year old router that's running TomatoUSB and it's still running kernel version and there's no way to update the kernel without breaking the proprietary Broadcom SoC drivers that are needed for this router to work. Patches for security issues have to be back-ported to the 2.6.22 kernel and hope to God that the changes don't break the Broadcom drivers.

I hate to say this but this is one of the reasons why older Android devices don't get updated as well. New versions of Android made by Google are released with newer Linux kernels but this of course results in SoC drivers ending up getting broken.

Comment Re:invitation only... $200,000 max (Score 1) 39

That's basically the gist of it. If you look at the security bulletins that Apple publishes at here and compare the OS X El Capitan updates to the iOS updates more often than not the same fixes that made it into iOS are also part of the security release for OS X El Capitan.

iOS, WatchOS, and TVOS are all basically OS X under the hood except with a different GUI on top. Under the hood basically the same OS.

Comment Re: Wow, open source is a disaster (Score 1) 124

No, CyanogenMod was actually doing pretty well before a majority of Android devices started showing up on the scenes locked down like Fort Knox. Most if not all devices sold in the United States are locked down by the carriers with locked bootloaders and no way to get root because the carriers want to control everything (Verizon being the worst of them all).

Comment Re:Are all older devices left vulnerable? (Score 1) 23

What devices aren't supported by iOS 9?

The following devices are supported by iOS 9...
* iPad 2 (Released March 11, 2011, five years ago)
* iPad 3 (Released March 16, 2012, four years ago)

* iPad 4 (Released November 2, 2012, four years ago)
* iPad Air (Released November 1, 2013, three years ago)
* iPad Air 2 (Released October 22, 2014, two years ago)
* iPad mini (Released November 2, 2012, four years ago)
* iPad mini 2 (Released November 12, 2013, three years ago)
* iPad mini 3 (Released October 22, 2014, two years ago)
* iPad mini 4 (Released September 9, 2015, one year ago)
* iPhone 4s (Released October 14, 2011, five years ago)
* iPhone 5 (Released Sept. 21, 2012, four years ago)
* iPhone 5c (Released September 20, 2013, three years ago)
* iPhone 5s (Released September 20, 2013, three years ago)
* iPhone 6/6 Plus (Released September 19, 2014, two years ago)
* iPhone 6s/6s Plus (Released September 25, 2015, one year ago)

The oldest devices, the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s are still supported, five years later! Amazing, absolutely amazing! Whereas most Android OEMs give up on older devices after only a year because it's just too damn profitable to sell you a new device instead.

Comment Re:Sandboxing? (Score 1) 23

I don't understand how Google could have fixed this. You say that it was pushed via Google Play but how? It's a system-level binary, Google can't touch that; only an update from your particular Android OEM can fix this via an OTA update.

Oh oh, Google can push this or that via the Google Play services. WRONG! Google can update their own stuff, yes, I'm not denying that but if it's a system-level binary (like Stagefright) or kernel-related Google can't do shit about it! Meanwhile you have to sit and wait for your Android OEM to decide to grace your device with an OTA update to fix it all the while your device is vulnerable to whatever the exploit is.

Comment Re:Why is it so buggy even for nighly alpha softwa (Score 1) 131

Not only that but as Firefox continues to eat RAM like a pig the rendering speeds of the browser fall through the floor. What used to be nearly instantaneous to render takes at least a second of more time to render. You can see how the browser is choking on the memory load.

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