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Comment Tetris in HP Oscilloscope (Score 2) 165

I recently picked up a used HP 54600B oscilloscope and whilst searching for the manual came across a "three finger salute" that launches a fully playable version of tetris [ http://www.eeggs.com/items/392... ]. I wonder how many hardware engineering hours were spent "debugging" hardware during the 90's with one of these. I also wonder how this slipped through code reviews.

Comment CDs that come with Text Books & youtube (Score 1) 166

Get on craigslist/ebay and find some used text books that come with CDs. They typically have wonderful animations and interactive diagrams that helped me immensely in my Bio/Biochem undergrad. Also, do a cursory search on youtube. My wife recently completed some basic chemistry courses and showed me some of the stuff that was on youtube -- amazing it was.

Comment Back to the Garage (Score 1) 155

I'd love to see more real science and research done in the garage/basement rather than in environments which are prone to the "publish or perish" disease. Are there still basic concepts of the universe to be discovered that don't require a particle accelerator or electron microscope? I'd be willing to be there are. It also seems that current academia is so focused on such tiny details of a particular phenomenon that they can't see the forest through the trees...

Comment Please don't send him to university (Score 1) 659

First off, do what will make him a well rounded, happy human being. Doing so includes being socialized -- even if the best way is to make him deal with the drudgery and tedium that is the American public school system. Second, please don't send him to _any_ university. I'm afraid that if he follows and focuses too much on contemporary science he'll get lost in the trees and won't be able to see the forest. Newton and Einstein followed some precedent but managed to forge forward with brand new, world-changing science. This is what the world needs. Try to find an environment that will stimulate his curiosity about the universe -- let him find his own way. A university will most likely force him down a certain path into areas that have already well been charted. Just my 2c.... Hope all ends up well. Make sure the kid is happy. Don't put too much pressure on him. Remember to have fun.

Comment Can't make a call from inside (Score 5, Informative) 337

I've worked in the industry for the past 7 years or so -- most of the support calls that came in were related to the fact that the phone would not work indoors or in a car. People were really confused and often angry when you told them they need to be outside to make a call. This is small fact is one of the reasons, not to mention the cost, that satphone adoption has been stagnant.

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