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Submission + - Google shutting down Orkut (

quarterbuck writes: Google is shutting down its 10 year old social network Orkut . It was more popular outside the US than in US and was at a point the most popular website in India and Brazil. By 2012 Facebook had overtaken Orkut pretty much everywhere.
Google is allowing the users to take their data out, but the discussions are being shut down.

Submission + - beta still sucks, still getting pushed ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Guys.

Beta has become toxic. It is not better than what you had, the fads aren't that interesting, the changes are if anything shinily counterproductive, you've pushed it so incessantly that you've made it hated, and it's reflecting back to you. You're *still* doggedly flogging this dead horse. Whadayawant, keep on it until your readership will lap it up while mumbling "braaaains"?

There are things you could be doing to improve slashdot, like making it less dependent on javascript to function, like making it function well also when javascript is unavailable and without requiring logging in for punishment, and things like that. Oh, and people with basic grasp of English for editors would be nice too. But beta, beta is not those things.

Let. It. Go.

Comment Re:There was a TED talk about robot birds that siz (Score 2) 232

Yes. the TED Video is a demonstration of the FESTO Smartbird, see also Youtube Video. This Video is a stupid mash-up. They seem to have found an small video drone, bird shaped, with fixed wings. Any of intelligence agency or a good RC plane builder can build those. But Smartbid is entirely different. As you can see in the above TED Video it has many organic build internal conjunction. The above shown picture and open body is much simpler. So maybe the found a RC Plane that looks like a bird. Maybe it was even used by a foreign power in an Arabic country. But that video does not give you any clues beside some shaky videos and pictures....

Comment Animal Power is not reliable (Score 2, Interesting) 221

Well, you probably dont want to have your servers depending on cows (or any other animals). There are some circumstances that they will fail:
  • animal disease (e.g. mad cow disease). government might order to kill them to spread its growth.
  • crop failure, crop prices. cows depend on food, if a crop failure/desease happens, crop prices will go up, so will be their food, as probably their poo as well.

Beside that, bio-energy does not count the CO needed for stuffing the animal with food, so you might to count all the chemicals, fuel and machinery a farmer will use to grow that animal into account.
Given those unreliableness, you would have to have a long time backup energy for that (like it would take time to get new, uninfected animals in case of an disease).

That given in account I would'nt go for poo-energy and stay with an alternative mix of green energy.

Comment Re:The EU is a totalitarian government (Score 4, Insightful) 206

You are true about the current situation. There is a sign for hope though, if the Treaty of Lisbon will be accepted by Ireland et al, EP will have the power to rule on security matters, too. It is a shame though that we just elected an parlament which voted against this snoop hole, which is ignored by the EU commision (that actually has the EU power at the moment).

Comment Offloading Proxy (Score 1) 136

Well if you RTFA it says in first paragraph that its NOT a accelerator but off-loader. Beside that it is proxying the connection so you have to change your logging to adept to the Real-IP being inside the http headers. The argument that it is equal secure as true https as it transfers http in the "local subnet only": that vanishes if a machine in this subnet gets compromised. As others mentioned, comparing such (nice) reverse proxy hack with a BIG-IP load balancer is a joke.

Comment browse "anonymous" (Score 1) 75

From Incognito is an anonymous web browser for the iPhone and iPod touch. Now you can browse without leaving a history of any kind. Simply close the browser, and Incognito will erase the entire session!
Now you will no longer have to clear Mobile Safari's history just to hide a single entry, which rendered the URL auto-completion useless!

Are they kidding? Deleting browser and URL history might be as leaving less traces on that device, BUT for me, browsing anonymously means something like TOR...

Submission + - Israel toLaunch AntiHijack ID System for Aircrafts (

Tech.Luver writes: "Israeli authorities plan to issue a new anti-hijack identification system to incoming aircraft which they say is foolproof, but some experts are not convinced it will plug all the security holes on the horizon. Starting next year, Israel will require pilots who fly to its airports to use the Security Code System (SCS), a local invention designed to ensure planes that have been commandeered for al-Qaeda-style attacks are spotted in time. Israel plans a trial run for the system, using a credit card-sized keypad, next month, in cooperation with five airlines from the United States, Europe and Africa. Pilots who fail the authentication test when they approach Israeli airspace will be denied entry. Should a plane go ahead, ignoring further warnings, Israel will consider it hostile and scramble fighter planes for an interception. ( )"

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