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Comment Re:Library of Congress (Score 1) 163

Or better yet, how many Library of Conresses (Conressi?) can be moved by all those trains.

Hey, Google returns 1,500 results for Library of Conress!

  • Are we talking about data only, or books as well?
  • Are the data going to be stored in flash devices or hard drives in those trains?
  • If using hard drives, are they going to be stored in vibration-dampening cages?
  • If using flash memory cards, are they going to be attached to birds?
  • Are the birds flying free or packed in cages?

There's my questions.

Comment During the SARS period (Score 5, Interesting) 123

During the highly-infectious SARS period in 2003, several countries in East Asia were in a state of emergency. N95-rated respirator masks were in extreme short supply.

One bra-manufacturing factory in Taiwan quickly modified its process and churned out masks instead - using the cup and straps as its basic design.

It was a godsend among the Taiwanese who were greatly desperate for protection against the deadly virus, which spreads via tiny droplets of saliva sneezed/coughed into the air.

Comment Re:What a moron (Score 1) 440

I've RTFA'ed. The article is nothing more than a thought experiment. He stated very clearly several times in the article that he does not recommend this.

From the last paragraph:

I won’t be doing this on my network, because I prefer to keep the default security in place... I’m a total advocate of the layered-onion approach to security within a company ...

The Slashdot summary has given us a wrong impression of the article's intention. It's nothing more than a thought experiment.

Comment Marketing (Score 1) 350

2) Being verifiably honest is a competitive advantage.

Question 1: My hard disk can sustain between 30MB/sec to 80MB/sec sequential transfer, while my competitor's can sustain up to 286MB/sec. Which will you buy?

Question 2: My laser printer can sustain 1.5 ppm, while my competitor's up to 10 ppm. Which to recommend?


Hint 1: 286MB/sec is the upper limit for SATA 2.

Hint 2: "My" measurements are inclusive of "cooling breaks between prints" during high volume prints, and includes a medium-resolution graphic (30MB size perhaps).

Comment Re:The world just got a bit nicer. :) (Score 1) 350

1) Uh... Don't you document your device's interfaces so you can code to them?

Um, no. For using the other two companies' libraries, they are supposed to write those docs, so that he can use them.

Also, it has absolutely nothing to do with documenting his device's interfaces.

I have the feeling I'm about to eat a really, really huge humble pie, though.

Comment Re:What is more stupid (Score 1) 1695

+10 Insightful.

On an off-topic note, I just spent 1.5 hours walking through the local Muslim temporary night market. They're having sales and discounts, being the last day of sales (since tomorrow is their huge celebration). The festive mood is infectious.

Fighting? What fighting? They're too busy doing sales / preparing to celebrate!

Comment Re:Pfst... (Score 1) 111

... you'd still face a limited window of around twelve hours. ... Remember that heat dissipation in a vacuum is no trivial matter! ... you could launch your probe from the extreme North or South, where night lasts much longer ...

This is supposed to be funny, mods!

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