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Journal trmj's Journal: Stuff. And Things. 7

Wee! Drama at the new place. I should try to solve some of it and make people happy, and that's what I want to do, but every time I tried to help with drama and make people happy in the past it always ended up with them walking all over me.


But because I don't like dwelling on bad things or ending my journal on a sour note, here's the good side of things:

Rachel is probably getting a job at a place where an old friend from High School works. Yay! That would mean that I'd get back in contact with her.

Also, the good part of being around the drama-filled people: being around those who are very up front and telling of how they're feeling will do me a lot of good. With any luck, it will get me into the practice instead of always offering a melancholy pseudo-answer to the question "How's it going?" or somesuch like that, and never saying or showing how I really am feeling.

Just another of the few remaining steps to being a normal person.
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Stuff. And Things.

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