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Comment Re:Now write the skit. (Score 0) 1251

This is quite true. When I got my BS is CS, I had to take a class on Ecology. Yea, ecology, who gives a crap about it? So I had to write some stupid liberal paper on how some poor cute owl is losing its habitat or something meaningless like that. Anyway, I googled the animal and found a nice essay which I didn't copy word for word, but pretty much used every fact on that paper I could find. The professor was smart enough to do the same thing and pointed out to me that it was obvious that I just googled and got all the info from this paper, so I only got a B- on the paper.

Comment Re:Justice... (Score 2) 485

Yes, Justice. The company was testing out the software they were installing for the DVD, while doing that they saw that there were child porn videos. The company has an obligation to humanity to tell the authorities, this person is promoting children being sexually abused, give me a break if you don't think it's justified. Should they be allowed to just randomly search your drive, no, not really. Still if they find something like that, they should report it and it should be usable. If you don't like it.... DONT LOOK A PICTURES OF NAKED CHILDREN YOU SICK @#$@#

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