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Comment Who's to blame? (Score 2) 1198

Over the past several days, I've read several commentaries about Elliot Rodgers and his motivation for commiting several murders. These murders have been blamed on "white privilege", misogyny, a rape culture, nerd culture, a (of course) gun culture, and so on. From what I understand, Rodgers was in psychotherapy for many years. What hasn't been adequately explored (in my opinion) is assigning "blame" to the apparent fact that the shooter was mentally ill. Quite a number of the high media profile mass shootings within the past several years were committed by individuals with histories of mental illness. If there's any sort of answer to these tragedies or any way to address and hopefully avert future shootings of this nature, how about revisiting our system of treating mental illness in potentially violent people? Blaming men, blaming white people, or blaming guns doesn't seem to be an effective countermeasure.

Comment Science is all about doubt (Score 1) 600

Relative to something like the Big Bang, while it is the predominant theory in cosmology today, it is not an established fact. If half the public doubts that the Big Bang as it is currently understood, was the causal factor in the creation of the universe, they shouldn't be that much different than cosmologists who are constantly searching for better ways to understand how our universe came to be. Doubt is not evil. For that matter, neither is believing that every single scientific conclusion or currently popular scientific theory must be treated as fact. However, sometimes I think the news media and their surveys overstate their point and expect all currently held scientific positions to be treated by the general population as immutable fact that should never be questioned. It's as if the news media wants its audience to accept the statement: "Trust me, I'm a scientist." Science is all about questioning and never about blindly accepting someone else's conclusions.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Knowledge Base Product for parent company & white labeled part

tripwire45 writes: I'm responsible for moving our company's customer facing support documentation from hard copy (PDF, Word) to an online Knowledge Base. Finding a Knowledge Base product is fairly easy but we also provide documentation support for a number of white label partners that use our web application product under their brand. For these partners, I would also need to create and support a separate online Knowledge Base platform branded and themed for each of them.

I'm looking for a KB product that will allow me to create online documents under my company's brand on our KB but then push that information out to "mirrored" KB instances for each of our partners. Since company names and other specific wording changes from our company to each of our partners, the product would need to have the ability to "automagically" change specific words such as company name from the parent company to the appropriate name for each partner company. I want to avoid having to manually copy and paste each individual document multiple times and avoid manually changing specific wording and other information.

Since not all features are equally supported between the parent company and all partners, I would need the ability to select which files go where, rather than have everything I create "shotgunned" to all partners.

Our product is a web application and I want our customers to be able to click a "Help" link to open the support KB. When customers of each of our white label partners click "Help", they should be directed to the KB that is themed for that partner.

This product must be highly scalable, since the number of partners we support is only going to grow.

Other requirements include:

SSO so customers signed into the web app won't have to login again to access the KB.
The KB must not be accessible from the web without a login.
Collaboration and versioning would be helpful so different team members could work on a single project.
Some sort of workflow/approval system is desirable.
Analytics to capture how our customers are using the KB support docs.

I've assessed a number of KB products including Confluence, SafeHarbor, MoxieSoft, and ZenDesk, and none of them were able to satisfy these requirements, particularly the ability to support multiple, themed Kbs and auto-translate specific words/terms based on individual themes.

I would appreciate any help you may have to offer. Thanks.

Comment Revolutionary (Score 1) 185

I've long suspected that the way the DSM is constructed how mental illness is diagnosed has been manipulated by political, social and financial interests (medical insurance companies for instance). Our definition of what is and isn't a mental illness shifts over time. If those shifts were the result of ongoing research, it would be understandable, but as this article suggests, it's based on other factors. It will be refreshing to see a more scientific approach applied, assuming objectivity can be maintained and the causes and indicators of mental illnesses can be reasonably defined and observed.

Comment Re:This is here, because? (Score 1) 931

The people you're describing have nothing to do with me. I don't believe "God hates Fags" and I have no agenda that involves making you listen to anything I have to say unless you express an interest. Sadly, most people think all religious people are like the vocal few who they encounter. There's nothing like judging an entire group based on the poor behavior of a few. Believe as you will.

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