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Comment Re:This is NOT appropriate (Score 1) 122

But shouldn't the public know that their data was vulnerable? How does the alleged attacker know that if he sent sent the info to AT&T that they wouldn't have sat on it and then had him prosecuted in a more quiet sort of way so this info doesn't go public? Shouldn't AT&T and/or Apple be the ones being prosecuted and/or sued for leaving this information vulnerable?

Comment Re:Incredible (Score 1) 957

...Or you are driving a sports car on 694 East, with cruise control set at 63 mph (in a 55) and a green Dodge Caravan flies by you, and then the cop looks up, sees the two vehicles, and just figures its the sports car speeding, and I get a ticket for 84 in a 55, because I drive a faster car than the green, rusted out van.

Comment Re:Natural gas has one advantage over renewables (Score 1) 284

When private citizens are telling other private citizens what to do, you shouldn't have a problem with that, because they can't force or coerce you into anything without your consent, the government on the other hand, is a completely different story, since they are able to confiscate your property or throw you in jail if they decide to, "nudge" you in the direction they see fit by taxing.

Submission + - Can't do this at your school, without paying (

tripdizzle writes: Ever watch that show Glee? Me neither, but apparently, it shows kids doing things in school that under federal law, would be illegal. No, not drugs or gambling, though those are fun too, but singing, dancing, and parodying/re-imagining copy-written works.

"The absence of any mention of copyright law in Glee illustrates a painful tension in American culture. While copyright holders assert that copyright violators are “stealing” their “property,” people everywhere are remixing and recreating artistic works for the very same reasons the Glee kids do — to learn about themselves, to become better musicians, to build relationships with friends, and to pay homage to the artists who came before them. Glee’s protagonists — and the writers who created them — see so little wrong with this behavior that the word ‘copyright’ is never even uttered."

Comment Re:I believe now is an appropriate time to cue the (Score 1) 319

Agreed, the govt is supposed to be a referee in the market place and the businesses are the players. Once a referee starts playing sides, it turns to shit.

Most of the problem I see is that we are for some reason afraid of a recession. Recessions are necessary, it makes businesses check their gluttonousness (did I just make that up?) and businesses that are misusing their resources (money and people) they go under, so then other businesses can better use those resources.

Comment Re:Preparations for the third Bush administration (Score 0, Offtopic) 319

I have always looked at political ideologies as circular, with anarchy on top and fascism on the bottom, and conservatives and modern liberals as respectively on the left and right. Both sides have their own separate fascist qualities, like the old saying "Liberals want to legislate the boardroom, conservatives want to legislate the bedroom"

Comment Re:How do things like this even come up (Score 3, Insightful) 319

Agreed, how can we trust these people to take care of things that are this serious when they cant even get a ban on lead done right:

They try to put a law in place to protect children from lead, and end up banning minibikes and used book sales, whose lead content is equal to about a glass of water.

They mess up a simple lead ban with shitty wording, and we expect them to deal with such things as our privacy laws and national security. We need to get rid of every single sitting senator and house rep next time around, no matter party affiliation, get rid of them all.

Comment Re:I believe now is an appropriate time to cue the (Score 2, Funny) 319

Nothing, anything can be deemed "critical" (kind of like "too big to fail") because there are no stipulations on the term critical.

Such as "We must shut down access to porn sites because it is critical to the morals of our society."

Not specifically saying he would do that (although future administrations might with this power) its just the first thing that came to mind.

(Yes, I said it, porn was the first thing to come to mind)

Comment Re:Not us. (Score 1) 322

Nope, no mistake. Know of any software/music/movie makers successfully stop piracy of all their products? Its impossible. You can create laws, regulations, sue people, send government agencies in with their badges and guns, and you will be able to stop and punish a single individual or group, but the data will continue to be dispersed to those who seek it, and you will never be able to catch and jail them all.

Just think of it this way, if you can figure out a way to stop the cycle from starting for a given media, you have the potential to make a lot of money.

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