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Comment Educational benefits of educational games. (Score 3, Insightful) 44

Its funny how the supposed "educational" games seem to have the least educational benefit. Games with no intended educational use such as Civilisation seem to do the best jobs of it. Of course nowadays with most games reaching for the lowest common denominator (aka Consoles) its hard to say whether normal games will give the best educational response, but at least that's how it has traditionally been.

Comment Re:You've raised $130 out of $7500 (Score 5, Insightful) 413

I really think you are over-estimating how much the average airspace engineer cares about website development. I think the parallel here is to ask: "This website developer can't even build a spaceship? Why do they think they'll be able to design web-sites." And although I will admit that designing a website is far far simpler than building even a small part of a spaceship, you still have to realise that they are completely different skills. I will admit though that I think these people are going to fail for different ideological reasons.

Comment Re:If you need it, you'll know it (Score 1) 705

One has to wonder how valuable the teaching actually is. For example you didn't get it and never learned, while the GP had it and picked it up naturally afterward. I wonder if we do in fact subconsciously pick up *something* useful from the teaching in high school, even if it doesn't seem the case. I too similarly learnt via high school first then picked up the rest myself. I guess we'd probably need more than anecdotal evidence to find this out though.

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