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Comment Re:Oh god... make them stop, please. (Score 5, Insightful) 92

I agree, and think Google is on the right track here.

I suspect they are starting to see the backlash against easily broken security, and are starting to do something about it.

This is really amazing when you stop and think that they have most to gain by learning all your habits (or at least the "Hate Google First" rabble would have you believe.

The iCloud meltdown preceded by the never ending follies of facebook probably told Google it was time to test their own stuff rather than wait for the storm to hit home. They are well ahead of the game with two factor authentication. Now if they could just add Zero Knowledge encryption techniques to their Google Drive they could be giving even more assurance they weren't out to market anything more about you than what is already public record.

I would love to have stuff backed up in the cloud, but as it is, the only cloud I trust is SpiderOak.

Comment Re:Oh, yes, and one more thing... (Score 2) 335

His work is mostly speculative, and artificial in nature, and his assertions haven't been born out on the road.
This is the key part here. All his doom-saying about talking while driving has not been born out by the facts on the ground.

In fact his studies are some of the exact ones proven to have defects that icebike mentioned in his first linked article.

Comment Re:Stating the OTHER obvious comment (Score 1) 144

As for rewriting the constitution to let NASA determine it's own level of funding, you just might want to read the constitution. None of NASA's funding is authorised by the constitution.

Jeezuz, are you that fucking stupid?

All government programs are funded by congress, per the constitution.

What icebikes was saying is that in order for NASA to be free to make the multi year promises you wanted, they would have to be free to specify their one funding rather than be answerable to elected congress. They would have to be free of the constitution. Is 7th grade reading comprehension a problem for you?

Even the EU isn't dumb enough to turn the power of the purse over to government agencies, and the ESA is just as likely to get cuts as is nasa.

Comment Re:Old news - maybe not (Score 2) 130

Your ISP does get that information; it has to route your packets using something other than magic fairy dust.

Doesn't ones browser resolve the IP address using DNS, and then send the request directly?
Do ISP DNS servers log such look-ups?

I can't imagine an ISP, unless they are running a caching proxy, having the ability to log every single URL from every browser on their network. Even when they do run a caching proxy its a LRU+Currant content computation, not a logging operation. High volume pages stay current because they are hit frequently.

I think the GP meant that your ISP does not log URLs other than those on their own web servers. The rest pass thru as data.

Comment Re:Quote Investigator to the rescue! (Score 2, Insightful) 530

that won't be true for long, catastrophically low infrastructure spending is allowing all of that WPA era infrastructure to crumble to dust

All of the WPA infrastructure is obsolete, and was actually obsolete before it was finished. Other than hiking trails thru the woods and stone guard rails in national parks, there is very little of our infrastructure need that is met by WPA projects. One does not build a four lane bridge over the Mississippi with "one man rocks".

Repairing even the wilderness trails is too expensive in a society that prefers to pay the skill-less to sit idle and collect the dole rather than actually lift a finger, let a lone a bag of cement.

The idea that you can put people to work in exchange for basic wages has been totally denigrated by the liberal entitlement mind set.

Comment Re:Not news (Score 2) 308

The phone manufacturers are starting to make noises about making all the carrier imposed crapware uninstallable. HTC for one has publicly come out in favor of this. the carriers get paid to put the csapware on the phones. The more heavily subsidized the phone the more shovelware on it.

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