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Comment One more rule i need to learn (Score 0) 585

clear the damn search history on your phones web browser! What seemed a quite reasonable search query on a dark winters evening, may come back to haunt you when the girl you like asks to borrow your iphone to check her various social networking pages She typed 'my' and safari suggested 'my penis looks like a xenomorph.' My only defense is that it does.

Comment Re:Yes, nearby (Score 0) 242

My gut instinct is we will figure out how to put bodies into extended deepfreeze (and more importants get them out of it) well before we figure out how to get to relativistic speeds become an issue. I'd also bet that there would be no shortage of volunteers for a no going back, one way, first contact trip towards a promising star if such a technology were developed. Or perhaps post singularity, we will abandon our bodies and just all go there in a little tin can as per the excellent Creative Commons licensed story Accelerando, by Charles Stross: http://www.antipope.org/charlie/accelerando/

Submission + - Graph shows fraud in Russain elections (livejournal.com)

gaika writes: "The graph in the best traditions of Edward Tufte shows how the voting was rigged in Russian parlament elections. Initially some regions were showing higher than 100% attendance, but later on everything was corrected, or way too much corrected, as the correlation between winning party's vote and attendance now stands at 90%. I guess the people who have rigged the vote have never heard about Correlation Cofficient."
United States

Submission + - Transformer blows up in Manhattan

trickyrickb writes: Reuters, CNN and Fox news reporting an exploding tranformer has brought down a building in Midtown Manhatten, hopefully its not Optimus Prime, he's a goodie

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