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Comment Re:On naming versions... (Score 1) 272

I understand the argument of confusion, but thats not the case here. Game is distributed as a "launcher" executable, which downloads some .jars at first login. A few seconds later (game files arent very large, as one can easily imagine in this case) you play the fresh, newest version right from the Mojang servers. And, AFAIR, EULA prohibits distribution of older versions of files.

Comment Re:No, because science != sci-fi/fantasy (Score 1) 298

Solaris perhaps?

Good example. Aside from being inferior to original novel by Lem, in both "plot" and "scientific content" categories. And being marketed mostly with G. Clooneys buttocks, AFAIR... and THAT is one of the best examples Holywood could come up with as "good science fiction". Point taken, movie industry FTW!

Comment How do they check how loud commerial is? (Score 2) 408

I didn't read TFB, but: How do they measure? As far as I'm concerned, it is not trivial, taking into account tricks put to use by tv stations to fool measurement. Where I live, similar law has been in effect. Loudness is measured by standarised means (ITU-R BS1770-1). And guess what - nothing changed, because no proper equipment has been passed to the regulators...

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