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Comment Each jurisdition is different (Score 1) 208

The laws of each State are different. This is true in other countries. I suggest you consult a local attorney at law in your jurisdiction, with a knowledge of Intellectual Property law. I suspect you MAY be looking for a "durable" power of attorney. (That means the power of attorney survives your death.) The power would instruct the person you chose "At the time of my death, please do X, Y and Z." Then the power dies, and is of no further effect. If there are huge financial implications, you might consider having the holder of the power post a bond to insure full performance. But please, get a professional to help with this. I don't try and fix my computer, because.... well.... I'm clueless. As far as I'm concerned it's all magic and that's the end of it. It took me three tries to get this posted, how's that for clueless? Just my humble opinion.

Submission + - Asl Slashdot

trialjudge writes: The other day "Rachel from Credit Services" called for the 81st time this week. I just happened to be practicing blowing on my whistle, and I'm afraid the sound greatly annoyed whoever I was talking to.

For those of you who don't know Rachel, see

I would never intentionally damage "Rachel from Card Services"'s equipment, but I was just idly wondering if there is something low tech I can do better than a whistle.

An M-80 would be great, but it leaves a stinky residue in the house. Slam a book on the table? Do any of you tech geniuses know anything that might persuade them to stop calling, while not hurting my cheap telephone?


Comment the original post is NOT true (Score 1) 1277

Yes, the United States is not a pure democracy. Most of the posters have that correct. What is NOT true is where the original poster said Utah lawmakers passed a bill today to force public school teachers to teach that the USA is a republic, not a democracy, "BECAUSE A DEMOCRACY WOULD HAVE DEMOCRAT IN IT. I can find that language nowhere in TFA or any associated news stories.

Submission + - Some Soldiers Can't Vote in November

trialjudge writes: Some soldiers fighting to protect our right to vote won't be able to vote themselves in November.
Only a cynic would suggest that the Obama Administration might not be too disappointed in the prospect that many servicemen might not be able to vote.
Lots of blame being passed around here.

Comment "Reasonably implemented measures (Score 1) 1249

I was intrigued by the Court's interest in the "easily implemented measures to prevent unlawful uses." That really sort of makes sense when you think about it. I'm not responsible for everything that happens on my land, but I'm required to take reasonable steps to stop unreasonable harm. I wonder if ISPs will required to take "reasonable steps" to prevent child porn, or spam, or risk liability under the reasoning of this decision? Tj

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